It shall be the purpose of the Fiber and Needle Guild of Calontir to promote fellowship among those people interested in fiber-arts, embellishment and accoutrements, and to encourage the education and development of period (600-1600 A.D.) style practices concerning the textile arts. This shall encompass a full complement of processes, including any crafter whose medium is plant or animal fiber transformed into something, within the scope of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

The Guild shall hold regular meetings for the free and general exchange of information, and be available to anyone in the Society needing resources and assistance for a related project. Participation in classes, workshops and demos will be encouraged, and it shall be emphasized that every expert was once a beginner.

Membership will be open to all those interested in fiber and needle arts. Business meetings shall be held once per reign at the War of the Lilies and at Kris Kinder or another late fall event. Additional business meetings can be scheduled by the Guildhead as needed.  Participation is entirely optional, and active membership is deemed with maintenance of interest as evidenced by pursuance of a chosen art. Active membership shall be maintained by contact with a guild officer and current listing on the roster of the Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild. Collaboration on Guild projects is encouraged.

The Guild will be presided over by the Guildhead, who shall be responsible for the administrative details required by Society and Kingdom law. To aid in the day to day operation the Guild, there will be additional principals, each designated to the specific offices of: Exchequer, to manage the treasury and assist with loaning of equipment purchased by the guild; and Assistant to the Guildhead with whom the Guildhead will share the burden of administration and who will assume the role of Guildhead in the event the current Guildhead is unable to continue in office. Those desiring to be officers shall state so in a letter of intent to be received by the Guildhead by  by midnight on May 15th in the year of the election.

In addition, a Secretary will be appointed by the Guildhead to take minutes at Guild meetings, publish meeting minutes, and keep a current roster of Guild members. A Guild representative may be appointed by the Guildhead to encourage members to work with the Kingdom RUSH Chancellor and coordinate classes for the upcoming year

Election of officers will be held  every two years at the Royal Event, the War of the Lilies, by majority vote of those present. Vote by written proxy will be accepted if presented by a guild-member prior to voting. In the event where there is only one candidate running for a specific office, that person will be confirmed in that office by the consensus of those present.

If an officer other than the Guildhead should not be able to continue in their office, the Guildhead will appoint an interim officer until an election for a replacement can be held at the next scheduled Guild business meeting.

Charter revisions, if deemed necessary, shall be handled in a similar manner. The charter should be reviewed periodically by the Guildhead and if revisions are advisable, a committee consisting of the Guildhead and at least 3 other members shall be appointed to recommend changes. Revisions will be approved by the vote of those present at the next scheduled business meeting of the Guild before being submitted to the Crown for their final approval..

Should the guild feel an officer's performance is unsatisfactory, removal shall be determined by signed petition, presented to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, of seventy-five percent of those individuals with active membership.

Local Guilds/Interest groups have the option of reporting activity to the Kingdom Fiber and Needle Guild, and shall receive the encouragement and support of the Guild.

As those artisans within the Guild represent a diverse array of processes, the Guild chooses not to have a system of ranking its members. Advancement will be made through the protocol established in the Calontir awards system

If a member chooses to receive the Guild newsletter, a fee will be assessed to cover costs. Should the guild vote to purchase equipment for loan to its members, donations will be accepted for such, and appropriate procedure followed as outlined by the laws of the Kingdom, and the office of the Kingdom Exchequer.

It shall be the policy of the Guild to work within the guideline established by the Corpora of the Society.