Why Call Us!

We don't just provide you with a boat and leave you to your own devices. Each tour is guided by a knowledgeable expert angler native to the area, who not only knows the layout and depths of the river, he also knows the best fishing areas. This allows you to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without having to worry about getting lost or missing out on the best places to fish. If fishing is not your goal, our guide can also take you to osprey nests, eagle hangouts, or picturesque photo opportunities.

There are other businesses that offer kayak rentals, and there are plenty of charter fishing trips. But none offer the two together. None offer the time duration (4-8 hours) at the price they will be charged ($50-75) per person.

Our Mission

The mission of Calm Water Adventures (CWA) is to provide our customers with a unique experience of the local rivers. Each trip comes complete with kayak, paddle, life vest, fishing pole, and light tackle. We offer several trips from which you can choose based on interest and ability. 

CWA is geared toward taking out to the river and gaining knowledge of kayaking and fishing technique whether you are an everyday avid fisherman, or if this is your first time on the water. Anyone can benefit from the services that CWA provides.