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Digimon are "Digital Monsters" that live in the Digital World.  They are a bit like Pokemon in some ways, but are different in others.  The most notable difference is that they can speak!


Latest News

Digimon Data Squad translated into English at last!

The fifth season of the Digmon anime series, Digimon Data Squad, has finally been translated into English.  I haven't seen any of the episodes yet but they look really good.  Here are some of the new Digimon:


The first of these "new" Digimon may appear strikingly familliar.  Well that's becuse he is a new version of Agumon!  He's bigger than the original Agumon, and he has different evolutions and battle techniques.  Next up is Gaomon, a young wolf Digimon who is very calm and quiet.  And lastly there's Lalamon, a cute flower-like Digimon who has clearly been invented purely to please female viewers.  Still, she's pretty cool don't you think?  Or should I say "pretty and cool"...





Tai & Agumon                         Matt & Gabumon                    Sora & Biyomon       



Izzy & Tentomon                    Mimi & Palmon                       Joe and Gomamon



T.K. & Patamon                      Kari & Gatomon


Adventure 02 

This season is set four years after the events of Season One.


Davis & Veemon                      Yolei & Hawkmon                    Cody & Armadillomon



T.K. & Patamon                      Kari & Gatomon




Takato & Guilmon                    Rika & Renamon                      Henry & Terriermon



The characters in this season do not have Digimon partners, but "Spirit Digivolve" into Digimon instead. 


Takuya (Agunimon)                 Koji (Lobomon)                       J.P. (Beetlemon)



Zoe (Kazemon)                       Tommy (Kumamon)


Data Squad 


Marcus & Agumon                   Thomas & Gaomon                  Yoshino & Lalamon



My Favourite Digimon?

My favourite Digimon character would have to be Guilmon.  He's loyal and friendly, and he has some great battle techniques!  He also has the ability to dig under the ground.









Coming soon...

New Digimon website!

I am currently working on a new website completely dedicated to Digimon!  It is going to be called Digifax and it will have a Digidex and lots of other cool stuff.  When the site is finished there will be a link to it on this page.  Be sure to keep checking the Callum.McPherson home page for news about new Digimon stuff!