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A Anthony R. Romani Solar Company Located In N.E. PA
Edwardsville, Pennsylvania 18704

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(A.) Solar Tubular Skylights from NEPA.
You can Order 10", 13", & 18"
By Calling 570-287-4527
Light Kits, Vents, and Dimmers also Availible.
Are by Special Order.
21" Solar Tubular Skylights are availible for Commercial/Flat Roofs with roof curb flange.
Are by Special Order Only.
(B.) Solar Attic Fans,
See page 2 for details on 10 & 20 Watt Solar Attic-Fans, We only recomend the 20 Watt
(C.) SolarSheat
SolarSheat not only Complements your Solar Home, It COMPLETES Your Solar Home.
The Primary 1500G SolarSheat and Secondary 1500GS SolarSheat
Each Panel Heats about 750 square feet of Your Solar Home When the Sun Is Shining.
A Anthony R. Romani Solar Company is thee Solar Company for the 21st Century
We Keep Solar Simple (The K.I.S.S. Formula)
39 Hillside Avenue, Edwardsville,
PA 18704-2301
CALL NOW:  570 - 287 - 4527
Current Special:  One FREE Light kit with the purchase of the 13" Solar Tubular Skylight Only.
(One per order, and ONLY on the 13" Skylight)