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Water Quality Surveillance

Volunteers on each lake have been trained to monitor water clarity and the impact of phosphorus run off as a result of erosion of the shoreline. Volunteers also monitor all ponds for bacteriologic problems, such as the presence of e-coli.

Invasive Species Monitoring

The introduction of invasive plant species into the Liberty Lakes could well bring an end to the water quality and recreational activities we enjoy. CALL organizes and funds (in conjunction with a state grant) boat inspections during the summer at the public boat landings on Lake St. George and Stevens Pond, and provides day users of the lakes with information about invasive plants. Each August, CALL organizes volunteers on all three waterbodies to participate in the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program's survey of the lakes for invasive plants. 

Land Use Monitoring

In support of the Town of Liberty's Shoreline Zoning Ordinance, CALL serves as an information resource for property owners regarding shoreland zoning concerns.

Water Level Regime

The Town of Liberty owns the 'Spillway Dam' located at the junction of Route 220 and Main Street. The water level regime is established by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Together with the Town of Liberty, CALL provides voluntary water level monitoring of Lake St. George to ensure adequate levels for seasonal recreation and shorefront use on all of the Liberty lakes and minimize the possibility of flooding and negative effects of high water.