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As part of our program of public education, we:

Serve as an information resource to the community Provide brochures, newsletters and other lake related information for public distribution.

Publish and distribute a newsletter twice a year to keep members up to date on local as well as statewide issues related to Liberty’s lakes and the watershed area.

an Annual Meeting each July with guest speakers who discuss issues of current interest related to the ecosystem of our lakes. Recent topics presented at the meeting include best practices for shoreline landscaping to avoid shoreline erosion, the history of the Liberty Lakes, the potential impact of invasive plants and fish to the lakes.

Sponsor workshops on issues related to watershed management. Previous workshop topics have included best practices to avoid soil run- off, and invasive plant identification. The Association also sponsors the Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute’s pontoon boat, a floating classroom which offers a hands-on course in water quality monitoring on Lake St. George.

Offer free on-site technical advice to lakefront property owners regarding erosion control, shoreline maintenance and other issues affecting overall water quality of the lakes.

Teach school age children about our lakes, and watershed ecology at the free week long Lake Keepers Camp Program held each August.