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CALL is active in its efforts to secure and match Federal and State funding for projects to control erosion and to protect and improve water quality.

CALL has received grants and has conducted:

• a complete watershed erosion survey

• annual invasive aquatic plant courtesy boat inspection programs

• an erosion control and shoreline improvement project at Marshall Shore Road on Lake St. George

Together with the statewide Congress of Lake Associations and the environmental organizations of other lakes, CALL
advocates for statewide actions that benefits lakes and their ecosystems. We partner with other environmental organizations, such as the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance and The Georges River Land Trust to create a stronger voice to benefit our watershed.

Land Use Monitoring

In support of the Town of Liberty’s Shoreline Zoning Ordinance, CALL serves as an information resource for property owners regarding shoreland zoning concerns.

Water Level Regime

The Town of Liberty owns the dam located at the junction of Route 220 and Main Street. The water level regime is established by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Together with the Town of Liberty, CALL provides voluntary water level monitoring of Lake St George to ensure adequate levels for seasonal recreation and shorefront use on all the Liberty lakes and minimize the possibility of flooding and negative effects of high water.