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Who We Are

CALL members are a diverse group of people! We are year-round residents, summer residents, and some members are frequent visitors to the beautiful lakes and ponds in Liberty. We care about the quality of our lakes and watershed. 

Our History

CALL was created in 1976. 

Our Current Work

In a nutshell, our focus is threefold: educate, monitor and advocate. We educate our children and adults about watershed ecology through our workshops, our annual meeting and the Lake Keepers Camp program. We monitor water quality, invasive species, water level and land use activities. Finally, we advocate for funding to offer programs to control erosion and to protect and improve water quality.

Our Future

Protecting the health of Liberty's lakes impacts both the tax base of the Town and directly benefits our quality of life. You can help to maintain these essential and beautiful waters by joining us and becoming a CALL member today!