Working to Maintain and Improve the Quality of Liberty's Lakes since 1976

The town of Liberty, located in the state of Maine,  is blessed with lakes and ponds of exceptional resource value. Protecting the health of Liberty’s lakes impacts both the tax base of the Town and directly benefits our quality of life.


CALL's purpose is to maintain and improve the quality of Liberty's Lakes for the benefit of those who live, work and recreate in the watershed. We educate, we monitor and we advocate. 

Specific areas of interest are: 

  • Invasive aquatic plants and animals that pose a significant threat to lake ecology
  • Soil erosion which reduces the water clarity and contributes to algae bloom and degradation of the lake's fisheries
  • Water pollution due to septic or bacteriological problems


8/20/20: CALL Selected as a 2020 AARP Community Challenge Grantee!

Citizens’ Association of Liberty Lakes (CALL), in collaboration with the Town of Liberty is thrilled to announce we have been selected to receive an AARP Community Challenge grant. We are one of only 184 grantees selected from across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Town of Liberty has two picturesque areas known for public access to excellent swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking and enjoyment of nature: on Lake St. George at Marshall Shore; and Stevens Pond.  This “quick-action” grant will allow us to provide safe swimming access at both areas.  At Stevens Pond we will add aluminum steps with handrails.  At Lake St. George’s Marshall Shore, we will install a handrail to provide a safe entry point with a gentle slope and sand under foot.


Further, in order to improve recreational and social options at these two public areas, we will add a total of four picnic tables and four benches (three each at Marshall Shore and 1 each at Stevens Pond).  Picnic tables and benches will encourage public enjoyment of these unique natural spaces.  


Perhaps the biggest impact of this effort is the formation of a subgroup (currently 16 people) of CALL that will monitor and advocate for these two public areas.  Their focus will include spring cleanup, making of picnic tables, installation of all equipment and weekly monitoring of each space.  The Liberty Select Board voted unanimously to endorse this project.

“We are proud and grateful to be selected by AARP for this grant,” stated Teresa Smith, CALL President.  “These community improvements will benefit all Liberty residents and visitors, a welcome addition to our current work to maintain the quality of our lakes – boat inspections, water quality monitoring, invasive plant surveys and youth education programs. 

The Community Challenge funds innovative projects that inspire change in areas such as transportation, public spaces, housing, smart cities, civic engagement, coronavirus response and more. It’s all part of AARP’s nationwide work on livable communities, which supports the efforts of

neighborhoods, towns, cities and counties across the country to become great places for all residents. AARP believes that communities should provide safe, walkable streets; affordable and accessible housing and transportation options; access to needed services; and opportunities for residents to participate in community life.  To learn more about the AARP Community Challenge, visit:

AARP Community Challenge Grant

Quick Reference links for the CALL Annual Meeting and Mail-In Ballot:

Town of Liberty Annual Meeting 6/27/20:

The Town of Liberty voted in favor of reallocating money designated from the Paving Capital Reserve to pay for immediate repairs to the Stevens Pond Dam. Richard Calligan, of Calligan Diving Service, spoke at the meeting to describe the repairs his company will address in the next few days. You should expect to see his crew there this week; parking will be limited until the work is complete.

Summer 2020 Newsletter:

Please click on the link posted below for a look at our Summer 2020 Newsletter in digital form.

Stevens Pond Dam Repair Update and Swimming Warning 5/21/20:

The repair that was originally scheduled to take place this spring at the Stevens Pond Dam has not been completed to date. The funds to complete the project were to be appropriated at the Liberty Town Meeting, and since that has been delayed due to COVID 19, so has the dam repair. As a result, there is still a significant risk of swimming near the dam area. It is not safe and the Town of Liberty is advising residents and visitors to avoid swimming there. The beach will be roped off and the yellow float will not go in this summer. Boating is still an option and the boat ramp will remain open all summer long. The Town Selectmen regret the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. Please click the link for more information about the current situation:

Dam News 2/12/20:

Now that the Lake Saint George dam gate has been replaced, attention is shifting downstream to the Stevens Pond dam. This recent Republican Journal article by Fran Gonzalez summarizes the initial report and highlights a safety concern:

Dam News 2/5/20: 

Calligan Diving Service has completed LSG Dam Gate/Spillway repair! We now have a new aluminum/stainless steel gate, a handle to raise and lower the gate, and a reconstructed spillway.  Please visit our Facebook page for photos of the completed project. Calligan Diving Service did a great job, not only of completing the repair work (in winter no less), but of finish details. Stay tuned for more news on the Stevens Pond dam project, which is on the horizon for Spring 2020.

Dam News 1/17/20:

You might have noticed some activity at the Lake Saint George dam this week, as Calligan Diving Service has been installing the brand-new stainless steel dam gate. After work is completed at this site, they will move downstream to Stevens Pond to address the needed repairs at that dam.

Winter Newsletter:

Our Winter 2019-2020 Newsletter will be in the mail this week; a digital copy is available at the link below:

Dam News 10/10/19:

The article presented at the special town meeting last night to repair the LSG dam was approved. Dam Manager Tammy Reynolds showed a video indicating huge holes near the gate and spillway (on the river side of 220). The diving company Calligan Diving Service estimates that these holes are ~80% of the total leaks and that further deterioration would have been likely without a fix.
Read more about the meeting at this link:

Link to Republican Journal Article Published 10/2/19:

Dam Update 9/25/19:

Town of Liberty engaged Calligan Diving Service of Searsmont to review the Lake St. George Dam.   

As a result of their findings, the town has called for a special town meeting (see attached warrant below) on October 9th to reallocate funds to make dam repairs.  The diving company found major holes around the gate and spillway used to control lake levels.  Significant water leakage occurs even when the gate is in the closed position.

The town and lake association met with MDOT, MDEP and MEMA on September 24th to follow up on the April 10th meeting.  Highlights include:
    • Despite the known leaks the town was able to maintain compliance with the MDEP Water Level Order (largely due to Spring/Summer rain levels).  
    • State, town and lake association agreed that water level elevations raised in the April meeting are not relevant to leak concerns.
    • After several site visits to perform external examinations, MDOT concluded that there was no evidence of significant problems with the concrete culverts and other work associated with the road construction of 2014.  
    • Tammy Reynolds, Liberty Road Commissioner showed video images taken from within the concrete culvert by Calligan Diving Service that suggest leaks associated with the concrete culvert joints under the new road and the connection between the new concrete culverts and the old steel culvert.  Tammy is forwarding the videos and associated reports to MDOT for their further study and quick response.

We need YOU to Build a Buffer!

Calling all Buffer Builders! On Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 11:30 am, a group will be meeting at Lake Saint George State Park to plant some native blueberry bushes on the shoreline in an effort to reduce erosion. We need helpers to dig and plant, so please come and bring a friend!


Can you spare some time on Thursday, August 1 from 10:15 to 11:30 am? CALL is looking for a few volunteers to help bait hooks and assist kids who are new to fishing. If you can lend a hand, please call Kerry at 589-4033 after Sunday for more information. 

Lobster Raffle

Congratulations to Barb Vittum, the lucky winner of our 25 pound lobster dinner raffle! Special thanks go out to Liberty Graphics, Liberty Tool, 51 Main, Lake Saint George Brewing, Liberty Craft Brewing, Lori's Cafe, Frapoli's Place and John's Ice Cream for the generous donation of gift certificates that were also included in the raffle.

Invasive Plants

Wondering what they look like???

If you’ve ever wondered what the aquatic invasive plants look like and if maybe that weed near your dock or tangled in your fishing line is one of “them” now is the time to find out. We had a very successful Plant Paddle last summer and many asked about further training so here it is. CALL is hosting an Invasive Plant Patrol 101 training on Aug 22, 2019 from 11:00 am to 5:00 PM at the Liberty Town Office. It will be conducted by Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly VLMP) with slides, handouts, the works!

Formerly known as ‘Introductory IPP’ this comprehensive, 6-hr classroom experience prepares attendees for conducting or leading invasive aquatic plant screening surveys and satisfies the quality assurance requirement for IPP certification. All IPP training sessions are open to the public and FREE to anyone interested in learning more about the threat of invasive aquatic plants in Maine.

The workshop is presented in four parts:

• Overview of invasive species issues in Maine and beyond

• Plant identification fundamentals

• Plant identification hands-on exercise with live plants

• Conducting a screening survey, tools and techniques

All workshop participants receive an “Invasive Plant Patroller’s Handbook,” and Maine’s Field Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants.

Invasive aquatic plants spread quickly and take over a lakes and streams so swimming, boating and fishing are difficult if not impossible. Maine currently has 29 infected lakes, some of them close to Liberty. Damariscotta Lake, the Belgrade Lakes in the Waterville area and some if the lakes in the Augusta area are all potential threats. These plants are easily spread on boats going from one lake to another when plant fragments are attached to a boat, trailer of fishing tackle.  

You are not committing yourself to even taking part in our annual survey, (although we would love it if you did) or leading any projects. We only wish to have as many people who live or recreate on the lakes to know what the invasive plants look like so if any do get in the lake, we can remove them early on and even eliminate them. 

Come join us for this relaxed day of training.  We’ll be taking time for a lunch break.  Below you'll find a link to a pdf with specifics, including how to register:

Invasive Plants Workshop Info

Dam Update 4/14/19:

At a meeting in early April, Liberty Dam stakeholders – including MDEP, MDOT, MEMA, Town of Liberty (with the advice of CES Engineering) and Citizen’s Association of Liberty Lakes – agreed to a short-term effort to comply with the current MDEP Water Level Order.  All agreed that in the short term, the town would attempt to maintain the water level on the “upstream” or lake side with “stop-logs” over the intake grill visible in front of the concrete culvert.  

Meanwhile, the various parties will work to resolve several issues:

  • What is the proper spillway height as referenced in the Water Level Order?  Does the preponderance of evidence support 509’ or 507.4’?  In order to determine preponderance of evidence, MDEP and MDOT will review historical measurements as well as high water marks around Lake St. George.
  • Has the fill material installed around the concrete culvert washed away?  MDOT will conduct borings along Rt. 220 to determine whether this has occurred.  The borings also may allow for an initial assessment of the quality of the connection between the concrete culvert and old steel/stone structure.
  • What is the state of the stone dam structure?  When conditions allow (mid-summer?) the Town will host a visual examination of the downstream dam structure for all parties, which can be compared to previous studies.

Based on the findings regarding the issues outlined above, appropriate measures will be taken.  

Also, at the recommendation of MEMA, in preparation for a significant rainstorm, Tammy Reynolds partially cleared the upstream intake grill to allow for a “draw-down” of water from the lake.  At that time, she and MEMA and DOT representatives observed what appeared to be water flow on the side of the concrete culvert, which has since been recorded via video.  Finally, despite concerns about dam leakage, the Town’s engineering consultant and the State Dam Inspector agreed that the dam is not in immediate danger of failure.  

Republican Journal Article 2/7/19:

Please click on the attached link to read the latest dam news as reported by Fran Gonzalez of the Republican Journal:

Revaluation Informational Meeting: 
Scheduled for Monday 2/11/19 at 6:00 pm Overlock Room/Liberty Town Office

Town records may show that you own multiple lots combined on one tax bill. If this is the case for you, the Town of Liberty has sent you a postcard. Recent Maine Supreme Court case law requires some changes in how multiple lots are treated for taxing purposes.

You are invited to an informational meeting to discuss the changes.  Our revaluation contractor, Garnett Robinson, Maine Assessment & Appraisal Services will discuss the changes and will answer questions.

If you cannot attend this meeting, please feel free to contact the Selectboard by mail or at 207-589-3014.

Dam Update 1/15/19:

Efforts are intensifying in the pursuit of a solution to the Lake St. George leaky dam. Some background is useful to clarify the current situation. For several years now, the compounding leaks have made enforcement of the 1985 Maine Department of Environmental Protection Water Level Order unattainable
. The 1820’s era dam has had leak issues over the years, including a deteriorating steel culvert under the ‘old’ road. Additional problems emerged after the state constructed a new road in 2014 while attempting to leave the dam untouched. The MDOT plan called for moving the road to the west of the dam and adding a concrete culvert under the new road, as well as connecting the concrete culvert to the existing, old steel and stone culverts.

Liberty Road Commissioner Tammy Reynolds saw additional leaks in fall of 2014 during routine water level maintenance. She noted the release of silty water and gravel as well as distinctly visible eddies near the lake side grate signs of water finding new paths around the recently installed concrete culvert. On the dam side, water was pouring into the old stone culvert (under the old road) despite covering the intake grate on the lake side.

Along with CALL President Linda Breslin, Tammy presented a “solution” proposed by Commercial Divers Inc. at a special town meeting in July 2018, where up to $30,000 was allocated from surplus town funds to repair both the Lake St. George and Stevens Pond dams. However, upon further consideration, the company withdrew its proposal and suggested a thorough examination by a qualified engineering firm. The Stevens Pond fix is not deemed prudent until control of the Lake St. George water levels is reestablished.

Since then, CES, Inc. with an office in Brewer has completed a site visit and assessment of MDOT road repair bid documents. CES observations include:

  • MDOT drawings call for a water elevation that is 1.6 feet lower than the level established by the water level order of MDEP in 1985. This discrepancy also was uncovered as a part of extensive research by longtime CALL member Henry Newell who, in correspondence with state dam inspector Tony Fletcher, has prompted an inquiry to MDEP in an attempt to resolve the difference. CES says the water elevation difference could account for more ‘head’ and consequently additional water pressure causing leaks under and around the new concrete culvert.

  • The connection between the new concrete culvert and old stone culvert is a likely area of failure or new leakage.

  • The MDOT design, as noted in the bid documents is not functioning as intended.

Here are the next steps, as agreed upon in a late December 2018 meeting with CES, Tammy, town select board and CALL:

  • Town is engaging CES to work with the town to resolve outstanding issues related to the dam, including assisting with a status report at the March 2019 town meeting.

  • Select board is seeking assistance from our elected state officials to expedite communications with the appropriate departments (MDOT, MDEP, State Dam Inspector, etc.). To this end, an initial meeting has been held with our state representative, Stanley Paige Ziegler, the town and CALL.

    Looking ahead, potential fixes will not be easy. Reworking the connection between the old and new culverts or trying to seal off the leaks around the lakeside intake both would require significant effort and expense. On a brighter side, it appears the right people and expertise are being mobilized. 

Browntail Moths:

One great thing about December is that we aren't itching from exposure to browntail moths. If you'd like to lessen the chance that you'll have a run in with these pests during the warmer moths, now is the time to locate their winter webs and destroy them. For more information, please click on the links below which will bring you to a pamphlet designed by the Maine Forest Service.

New Dam News 11/9/18:

CALL is working closely with the Town to identify and implement effective solutions to our leaky dams. Liberty's Dam Manager, Tammy Reynolds, arranged a site visit with CES Engineering on Thursday, November 1 at the Lake Saint George Dam with Linda Breslin and Bob Kohl of CALL in attendance. This was an opportunity for the CES engineer to conduct an initial inspection of leaks, discuss relevant history and receive written documents. Everyone was impressed with the knowledge, approach and sincerity of the engineering representative.

CES will study the documentation, review permitting requirements and come up with a plan, including estimates of engineering and construction costs by Thanksgiving. This should allow adequate time to prepare for the March Town Meeting, including January budget hearings and printing of the town warrant. Assuming a positive outcome, ideally work would commence in the dry season - approximately within a July to October time frame.

Meanwhile, CALL is actively assisting Tammy in reaching out to additional engineering firms to allow comparisons in approach and cost.


A Remembrance Service for longtime CALL Board Member Mel Shure is scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 7 at 11:00 am. It will be held at the Searsmont Community Hall at 37 Main St. South, Searsmont.


Commercial Divers, Inc. of Bangor has withdrawn its proposal to fix the dam at Lake Saint George. No word yet as to whether or not they will proceed with the repair to the Stevens Pond Dam.

HE Sargent Engineering will be in town this weekend to conduct an in depth assessment and cost estimate of the repairs of the LSG dam. We will update this website with news as soon as we have more to share.


It was a disappointing show for loon chicks in our area in 2018. Here's the count:

Kingdom Bog - 2 adults & 1 chick, Little Pond - 1 adult, Lake Saint George - 28 adults, Stevens Pond - 3 adults, Trues Pond - not counted,  Cargill Pond - 1 adult. 


Congratulations to Christine LeGore of Montville who won 25 lbs. of Maine lobster in this year's drawing! CALL would also like to thank the following local businesses, all of which donated products or gift certificates to other lucky raffle winners: Liberty Graphics, John's Ice Cream, Lori's Cafe, Frapoli's Place, 51 Main, La Mesa, Lake Saint George Brewing Company and Liberty Craft Brewing.


Commercial Divers, Inc. of Bangor will be able to begin the repair work on both of Liberty's dams during the first week of September 2018. If there is a cancellation in their schedule, the work may begin sooner.


On Monday, Liberty residents gathered to consider authorizing the town to spend up to $25,000 for dam repairs on a) Dam at intersection of Routes 220 and 173 (outlet of Lake St. George); and b) Stevens Pond Dam.  

Following a slide show presentation by Dam Manager Tammy Reynolds and a discussion by residents, it was unanimously decided to allot up to $25,000 from the town surplus to fund the fix. Work is scheduled to begin the first week of September.

The Stevens Pond leak should be fixed in a relatively short amount of time and the work is guaranteed for 20 years. The work at the Spillway Dam on Lake Saint George will also take place in early September. The work done to this dam should slow the leak, however it will not resolve the problem in its entirety. The Spillway Dam  leak is a complex problem that will require more thought, energy and funding.

Read more about the dam situation in a recent article in The Republican Journal by Fran Gonzalez:

Invasive Plant Patrol Paddle:

Would you like an introduction to what happens during an invasive plant survey? Would you like to learn how to recognize aquatic plants while having a nice morning on the water? Join us on Thursday, July 19 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Marshall Shores, Lake St. George in Liberty. Pre-registration is required and must be done as soon as possible. More information is available at the following link:

Dams' Leakage Repair News (6/28/18):

Tammy Reynolds, Liberty's Dams Manager and Linda Breslin, CALL President, met with Commercial Divers Inc. on June 19 to review the Spillway Dam at Lake Saint George and the dam at Stevens Pond. Both of the dams leak and have for some time. 

The leak at the Stevens Pond dam can be addressed by Commercial Divers Inc. However, the Spillway Dam leak at Lake Saint George needs additional engineering inspection and work. A different company has been identified to address the complex structural problems at Lake Saint George. 

For the present time, Commercial Divers Inc. will able able to repair the visible leakage at Stevens Pond and LSG this summer. Commercial Divers Inc. has submitted a plan of action, and this will be presented to the Selectboard by Tammy Reynolds at their next meeting. Tammy will also be contacting the engineering company this week to get a better handle on the scope and estimated cost that the Spillway Dam will need to complete the internal dam repairs in 2019. 

The Town of Liberty has a "Contingency Fund" which could be used to cover the immediate work proposed by Commercial Divers Inc. if the Board of Selectmen authorizes the use of these funds for that purpose. This fund cannot cover both Commercial Divers Inc. and the engineering firms work, however.  The Town of Liberty will need to vote to authorize additional funds to finish the repair work needed at the Spillway Dam in 2019. We will continue to update this website with information. 

Follow Up on E Coli Testing in Lake Saint George

Good news! Bacteriology testing this month showed no elevated e coli in the sites around Marshall Shore which were a great concern last Fall. We will survey the sites again in the Summer and early Fall.

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Our Summer Newsletter will be mailed out to Lake Association Members in mid-June. A digital copy is available by clicking on the link below:

Liberty Town Office hours will be changing effective July 1, 2018:

The new hours will be as follows:

Monday: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Thursday: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday (1st & 4th): 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

2018 Conservation Lobby Day: April 4, 2018 at the Maine State House in Augusta:

Join Maine Conservation Alliance and our partners in Maine's Environmental Priorities Coalition for Conservation Lobby Day!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Meet at Cross Cafe in the Maine State House
Rally to follow 

Over breakfast, you'll learn how to lobby your legislators with tips and tricks from our experts and hear about the Environmental Priorities Coalition's bills still in play this session. We'll focus on two water bonds that are critical to protecting clean water across Maine!

Then we'll head upstairs so that you can talk to your legislators about the environmental issues that matter most to you. Lobby Day will wrap up by noon, and then we'll hold a Clean Water Rally! We'll send more details closer to the date.

Learn more about the Environmental Priorities Coaltion here:

2018 Conservation Lobby Day/Blue Wave Rally

Winter 2018 Newsletter

Our Winter Newsletter will be mailed out to Lake Association Members in late December. A digital copy is available by clicking on the link below:

Chinese Mystery Snail Round-Up:
Thanks to everyone who came out to our Chinese Mystery Snail Round-Up on August 12th. We had a small but dedicated group of snail hunters. 11 pounds of non-native, invasive snails were brought in only about 1 hour. We were rewarded for our efforts by a mink, who was doing some fishing nearby and gave us multiple glimpses of her work, in the water and on land.

CALL's Annual Meeting: Friday, July 14th from 5:30-8:30 PM at the Liberty Community Hall

Please join us, all are welcome!
We will start the evening with a buffet style dinner at 5:30. At 7:00, Susan Gallo, a Wildlife Biologist and Project Manager at Maine Audubon, will be presenting a talk about loons. We'll learn about loon behavior and the current health of the loon population in Maine. Also joining us is children's book author and conservationist, Nancy Prince. Nancy will be on hand with copies of her book, Libby's Loons
Last, but not least, we'll be holding our annual plant sale and lobster raffle at the meeting. We hope to see you there!

For more information, please click on our informational flyer in the link below:

Sunset "Paddle In" Postponed until Saturday, July 29

Due to forecasted showers and thunderstorms on the evening of July 1, CALL's "Paddle   In" is now rescheduled for Saturday, July 29th. Let's hope for better weather and safer boating conditions on the 29th! 
There will be a limited number of canoes and kayaks available for use for anyone who does not have one. To register, request a boat or for more information, please email: wayne.rancourt1@gmail.com or call 649-2335 and speak to Wayne.

CALL's 2017 Plant Sale

Please come to our annual meeting on Friday, July 14, 2017. While there,  pick up some lovely native plants that will look beautiful on your property and will help to prevent erosion. This year we will be offering 2 varieties: the Obedient plant and the Turtlehead plant. Plants are $15.00 each and all proceeds benefit CALL. Click on the link for more information: 

Summer 2017 Newsletter

A digital link to our Summer 2017 Newsletter can be found below:

The State of Liberty's Dams

In the Spring of 2017, Liberty' Dam Manager, Tammy Reynolds, reported that the State Dam Manager was in Liberty to reevaluate both the Lake Saint George Spillway Dam and the Stevens Pond Dam. Here's what we can tell you about what's in store for 2017 as of May 10:

Lake Saint George Spillway Dam: 

Tony Fletcher, the Maine State Dam Inspector, will be reevaluating the leak at Lake Saint George and will do it when spring run off abates. He needs the water level to drop so that he can get beneath the roadway to plan for necessary repairs. The lake is currently very high and the dam gate is completely open to avoid flooding. Once the water level drops, the dam will be adjusted to maintain a higher-than-required water level to avoid as much as possible the low water levels of last summer. 

Stevens Pond Dam: 

Tony Fletcher is aware of the problems this dam is having and has a repair plan in mind. As soon as the water level drops, the repairs will be implemented.

We will continue to update this website, as well as our Facebook page, as we have more news to share.

2017 Liberty Town Meeting & The Vote to Rescind the Ban on Personal Water Craft

Update 3/25/17: After 75 minutes of discussion, Item #23 on Liberty's warrant went to a written vote. There were 99 NO votes to 33 YES votes. Therefore, the article to rescind the ban on PWC on Lake Saint George failed, and the PWC ban will remain intact. Roughly 75% of Liberty residents who voted wanted to maintain the ban, while a 25% minority voted to allow PWC's.

CALL would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to vote at today's town meeting. We'd also like to thank those who wrote to the Selectmen in support of maintaining the ban. All of your support and encouragement is very much appreciated, and made all the difference in maintaining the ban. Thank you!

Winter 2017 Newsletter

A digital link to our Winter 2017 Newsletter can be found below:

Dam News

Update 2/6/17:

At long last, the dam report from Kleinschmidt is in. It addresses both the Spillway Dam at Lake St. George, as well as the Stevens Pond Dam. You may view it online by clicking the link below:

Update 1/3/17: 

We are still waiting on the engineering study, and will post news of its findings once we have it in hand.

Update 10/17/16:

The engineering studies of both the Lake Saint George Dam and the Stevens Pond Dam have recently been completed. The Town of Liberty is waiting to receive the final report from the engineering firm, which should be in within the next two weeks. We will update this website and Facebook when we have more information to share.

Update 8/24/16:


Tammy Reynolds, Liberty's Dam Manager, provided the following report following this morning's dam investigation, 

"Today August 24th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. myself and crew blocked the water flow the best we could and went under the road/dam at the Channel.  For those that have not seen what lies underneath envision for me 60 feet of concrete box culvert was installed 2 years ago, which then joins to a 30 foot section of metal culvert, which then joins onto an old possibly 100 year old rock culvert.  When we stepped into the rock culvert which is what comes first if you go in from the spillway about 20 feet in there is a “massive” leak coming from over your head  through the rocks and a moderate leak at knee level.  How this happened or became is still not completely clear, but this is absolutely how we are losing a lot of water.  Next I will contact an engineer and go back in to show them the leak and get an opinion on a best and least expensive fix for the town.  Thanks for your patience as I have been trying very hard to get this problem fixed.  I will keep everyone informed as the information becomes available."



Update 8/23/16: Water-proof cement will be poured this coming week in an effort to stop the newer leak under the roadway. The water level will remain low (even if the leak is stopped or slowed after the concrete is poured), unless we get substantial rainfall during the next weeks and months. The dam gate is completely closed and will not be reopened this season.

Update 7/27/16: Members of the Lake Association and Town's people assembled at the Dam to meet with Tammy Reynolds, the Town's Dam and Road Commissioner, and the DOT regarding the leak at the site of DOT's 2015 Reconstruction over the Dam. DOT acknowledged the present leak but said it is not DOT responsibility to repair it. Their engineer agreed with Tammy's proposed repair plan which the Town as owner of the dam is responsible to fix. Tammy will apply for a permit from the Department of Environmental Protection to proceed with the repair. For more information contact Linda Breslin at 207-872-5469. Thanks to all of you who came to the site today .

Volunteers Needed to Help Build Liberty River Walk in July

Community members are coming together to build a hiking trail in Liberty.  The trail will highlight the scenic St. George River headwaters, historic mill remnants and majestic old growth trees.  Our first work days include:
  • Sunday, July 10th
  • Thursday, July 14th
  • Tuesday, July 19th
Bring work gloves, tools (e.g., loppers, handsaw) and water as well as bug protection.  We'll meet at the Liberty Town Office parking lot at 9am each day and we'll end by noon (or earlier as needed).  If weather doesn't cooperate, we'll postpone.  

To receive future correspondence on the Liberty River Walk or for more info, please contact Bob Kohl:  kohl.bob@gmail.com or (207) 589-3105

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Our Summer Newsletter was mailed out to Lake Association Members in mid-June. A digital copy is available at the following link:

Dams in Distress

The preliminary results of the state inspection of the Stevens Pond and Lake St. George dams, done by Tony Fletcher, State Dam Inspector, indicate the two dams have excessive leaking. The Stevens Pond dam leak will require a dive team to determine the source of the leak. The Lake St. George dam has several issues, and [The Liberty Selectmen] are awaiting the final report on that dam. The dams will require attention and Tony Fletcher will help in our evaluation and with possible solutions to problems.

Information provided by the Selectmen in Liberty's Annual Report

Tammy Reynolds, Liberty's Road Commissioner, submitted the following information regarding low water levels and dam issues in the annual town report:

The Channel dam [at Route 220] along with lake levels brought a lot of conversation this summer. The dam was closed in early May, and for the first time in my history not opened until December. While everyone was an expert on the reasons for the lake level being low, the fact that nearly no rain fell from April - November played a major part. When the gate was cleaned and opened in December, a "new" leak was discovered. At the time, by coincidence, the MEMA dam inspector came for a routine inspection and I was able to show him what I had discovered. He in turn was reporting it to the MDOT and we will await their response or findings. While we all would like to have them rush and fix the dam, the reality is probably waiting for them to fit it in a budget if they will even respond. Stay tuned to the town website and I will update you as information becomes available. 

Steven's Pond dam continues to have a leak and again the MEMA inspector may have a much cheaper fix for that. We await his written findings and possible fix.

Update on Town of Liberty vs. Cards Against Humanity

The legal action between the Town of Liberty and Cards Against Humanity has been settled out of court; the company has entered into a Consent Agreement with the Town. The Agreement is filed with the Probate Court, includes land use for the island and Dan Miller is the local manager. The company also agreed to reimburse the Town for legal expenses.

Information provided by the Selectmen in Liberty's Annual Report

CALL's Winter 2015-2016 Newsletter

Our Winter Newsletter was mailed out to Lake Association Members last week. A digital copy is available at the following link: