Linux stuff

I have been using Ubuntu for a year. Ubuntu is a distribution of Linux based on Dabien. Ubuntu is developed specially for desktops with a simple GUI and still remains with the power of bash, the terminal. So far I have studied Ubuntu to some extend and with that knowledge I present you with my own creations for Linux, especially for Ubuntu.

Sinhala Calendar

Sinhala calendar is a text file containing the important incidents in History. This file is in Sinhala and can be evoked through the calendar command in terminal. Or just place the gnome-applet named Fish on the panel, right click on it, point to preferences. Replace the text in the field “Command to run when clicked:” with “calendar”. Click “close”. Now click on the fish icon and you can view the calendar.

This is version 1.0 and just a beginning. I hope to continue and release a better version with much detail added.

D/T Teller

D/T Teller is a small script which welcomes the user with the version of the distro currently using, its code name. And futher the current date and the time. This script uses the command festival which is a text-to-speech system. This runs well in Ubuntu. I am not sure whether it runs on other distros also. If you find please let me know.


Keye is a theme for the gnome-applet Geyes. Geyes is a cute app which can be placed on the panel and helps to find where the mouse pointer is.