Gospel Training


When the Choir was formed back in 2005, there was no local training available for gospel choirs. Training was available by either going to London, or paying for Gospel singers to come down from London to us. The choir has had training from "The London Community Gospel Choir", "British Gospel Arts" and "Black Voices". Their training has been excellent, however due to the travelling distances quite costly. We now have a local cost effective solution.

With several years of experience behind it, the Callington Community Gospel Choir is now able to offer training in Basic Gospel techniques for existing choirs, individuals or groups wanting to set up gospel choirs in their own churches or Communities. You can either come to us, or we will come to you. We have all our own equipment.

Corporate Singing Workshops

Gospel Corporate Singing Workshops are a great activity option from the usual staff away-day programme, conference or in-house team building exercise.They provide opportunities for your employees to explore some of the techniques used in the development of some of the UK’s most popular choirs. CCGC training team aims to demonstrate how those techniques may be applied in the corporate environment context i.e. team players, management, leadership skills and good communications................For further details   info@ccgc.org.uk

READ A FEW TESTIMONIALS...................

Today I witnessed the impact the Callington Gospel Choir training team can make! They

 came and gave our choir in Salcombe a singing workshop which I was unable to attend

 until the last hour but when I walked in and found a mix of their choir and our choir

 singing together, I was totally blown away by the enthusiasm, emotion and infectious joy

 that was in the room. The singing was phenomenal and my heart was truly lifted. I

 haven't been able to wipe the smile of my face all evening. Thank you to the choir

members who came today. You were a huge inspiration to us. What an

 amazing choir!!




The Choir with all of its patient singers that came to Salcombe, one week later and I am still

singing.............and I did manage to forget my rather fraught life at this time, and be uplifted and inspired

into Perfect Harmony. I look forward to finding you again somewhere and taking off.


you for the huge helping of inspiration you left at Salcombe on Saturday during our

workshop. We all left feeling uplifted and eager for our our next choir practice.

God bless


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