Choir History

Callington Community Gospel Choir was founded shortly after the death of my father on January 13th 2005. Dad was only 64 and died of Lung cancer. He was not a smoker. Just unfortunate. A few days before he died, he said if there was anything I wanted to do in life, to do it now and not leave it until it was too late.


The hands behind the Music
I always loved Gospel Music and decided to join a local Gospel Choir. My search for a choir was in vain as there were none in the South West. So in short, with no formal music or choir training I decided to set one up. Today we have become one of the largest Gospel Choirs in the UK. My goal is not to be the biggest and best, but to see others experience and share the fun, joy and freedom that this music brings.

A slide presentation as the choir sings "Come by Here"

The Callington Community Gospel Choir Provided backing Vocals for Leona Lewis
on her final night of her UK "I Am" Tour in Plymouth March 2016.

Recent Comments
What I can say was this , we have had so many people say to us today , how wrong they were to 
prejudge.  They were impressed at how professional  they thought the choir were. 
Many of the church said that they were so impressed with your spiritual and God sent talent that was clearly evident and how alive and vibrant you all made us feel.
God bless you , we will keep you and your family in our prayers and you have all been prayed for today.
Keith B.

Other Recent Comments
Met you at the Camelford concert - such a very refreshing change from the many ladies and mixed choirs in North Cornwall with their often tired repertoires and somewhat wooden singing. ( I should know, I belonged to one of the better ones for 11 years and we sang with/against most of the others) Yours was joyous, spirited and energised, and you sang from toes up rather than from neck up. Top marks for communicating! Hope to catch you again when you're in our neck of the woods, -or if you ever do any more day workshops, I'd like to take part. LOL from one harmony singer to others.