Choir History

Callington Community Gospel Choir was founded shortly after the death of my father on January 13th 2005. Dad was only 64 and died of Lung cancer. He was not a smoker. Just unfortunate. A few days before he died, he said if there was anything I wanted to do in life, to do it now and not leave it until it was too late.

 The hands behind the Music
I always loved Gospel Music and decided to join a local Gospel Choir. My search for a choir was in vain as there were none local to me. So in short, with no formal music or choir training I decided to set one up. Today we have become a well known and respected Gospel Choir in the UK. My goal is not to be the biggest and best, but to see others experience and share the fun, joy and freedom that this music brings.

Pictures of our early Journey, with CCGC singing COME BY HERE

The Callington Community Gospel Choir Provided backing Vocals for Leona Lewis
on her final night of her UK "I Am" Tour in Plymouth March 2016.

Recent Comments
Today was an extraordinary day. Not like in a few cool things happened, but like in extraordinary. A day which will be remembered for the rest of my life. Dawn, Steve and the members of Callington Community Gospel Choir, you literally rocked the house! It was an emotional Rollercoaster, one I didn't want to get off, as I relished every moment. For those that still don't know what epic thing happened today in our lives, my dear friend Annabel  fulfilled bucket list item number 3 - singing with a gospel choir. Annie is too ill now to travel to a choir, so the amazing Callington Community Gospel Choir traveled to Annie and performed an exclusive concert in the front room of her parent's cosy Cornwall cottage! I have always recognized the power of music, but today that went to a whole new level. Today we experienced music that was given as a gift from a place of such love, willingness and gratitude that it's impossible to put into words the magic that we witnessed today. Callington Community Gospel Choir, I've just become your number 1 biggest fan. You rock! #making your one life count
Melanie B 💚

Other Recent Comments
Firstly a belated THANKS to you and your 'Choir' for such a wonderful time on Sunday 23rd when you kindly joined us at our service; You really did leave us all rejoicing and feeling uplifted and challenged; Thank you so much!

I am hoping you might come back again and do a workshop and/or another concert maybe in September if you are free around that time?


Thank you so much for your workshop and concert. I never realised how incredibly uplifting singing could be. Your team were so talented and enthusiastic it really was so contagious. I was nervous coming on stage with you performing the songs I had learnt, but once the piano started the singing just happened. It was so amazing. I have never sung in front of an audience before. I can't wait for the next time.