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Disclaimer: The X-Men and all recognizable characters belong to Marvel. I am simply borrowing them for fun, not for profit.

Just a few notes about my X-Men fiction:

I imagine Wolverine to be Hugh Jackman, so I don't write him as the short character in the comics

I can't write Remy's accent, so I don't even attempt.


Testing Hope In Progress - updated 3/05/2012
Summary: When an accident leaves Remy gravely injured, secrets are revealed and decisions must be made.
Logan/Remy slash
Testing Hope
Testing Hope Chapter 2
Testing Hope Chapter 3

Obsession Complete - updated 06/10/2010

Summary: Remy struggles with feelings of guilt when an accident causes the death of a teammate
Logan/Remy slash

Obsession Chapter 2

It's been a While
Complete - updated 06/01/2010

Summary: Movieverse. When Logan finds Remy at the mansion after not seeing him for 5 years, can the two work through their past? Or has too much happened?

*Logan/Remy Slash*

It's been a While

It's been a While Chapter 2

It's been a While Chapter 3

It's been a While Chapter 4

Still Lost Complete - added 05/29/2010
Summary: A super silly fic with the X-Men discussing their thoughts on the end of Lost *contains spoilers for the Lost Finale*

Still Lost

Even Heroes Fail
Complete - added 05/12/2010

Summary: Some losses are worse than others

Even Heroes Fail

Lies of the Past Complete - added 04/17/2010

Summary: The birth of Rachel Catherine Summers causes Remy to think about his past

Logan/Remy Slash

Lies of the Past


Unspoken Complete- 02/03/2010

Summary: Logan returns from a mission and immediately looks for Remy

Logan/Remy Slash



Surrounded by Silence Complete - added 12/26/2009

Summary: Logan and Remy are trapped when a cave-in occurs on a mission

Warning: **No happy endings found here**
Never Trust In progress

Summary: Logan returns to the mansion to find that the X-Men had abandoned a teammate. Remy finds himself in a situation he may not be able to escape.
Some day I will find the time to move all the chapters of Never Trust to this site, but until then enjoy the link below:

Something Special Complete - added 10/21/2009

Summary: Logan tries to find the perfect gift for Remy.

Logan/Remy Slash
From a Distance In Progress - updated 07/09/2010
Summary: He should have known that it wouldn’t last.
From a Distance
Haunted In Progress - updated 9/18/09
Summary: Scott is haunted by a boy he meets while he is held captive. Although the first few chapters focus on Scott, the story is ultimately about Remy.
Hurt Complete - added 8/19/09
Summary: The one man who Remy thought would never tire of him had just admitted that he was a waste of time.
Secrets and Lies In Progress - updated 01/09/2010

Summary: When the X-Men rescue Remy from Sinister an unknown connection to Logan is revealed.

**Warning: Rated Mature because this story contains mention of abuse, non-con, and the after effects of such abuse.** 

For the Love of Rain Complete - added 8/10/09

Summary: Logan asks Remy to explain his love of the rain, and gets a different explanation instead. Oneshot.

**Logan/Remy Slash**
Alexander the Great Complete - added 8/04/09

Summary: A school assignment intrigues Remy. Oneshot.

Logan/Remy Slash
A Meeting of Necessity Complete - added 7/5/09

Summary: Another post-Antarctica fic, Remy never returned to the X-Men. Oneshot.

Logan/Remy Slash
An Unfamiliar Bond Complete
Summary: Something about Remy seemed almost familiar to Logan, but completely foreign at the same time.
His Reason In progress - updated 02/27/2010
Summary: When the X-Men find a child on the streets of New York it leads to an unexpected revelation
Her Love Complete
Summary: Storm makes a difficult decision
Counting Complete
**Warning: This story has a suicidal theme**
Summary: When Remy makes a desperate decision will anyone be there to stop him?
Works best as a one-shot, I recommend only reading chapter 1
The Road Here No longer updating
**Warning: This story has a suicidal theme**
Summary: A dark continuation of Counting. 4 years after Counting Logan and Remy find themselves on opposing sides, but how did it get that way?
Relations No longer updating-last updated 02/15/2010
Summary: A tale of Remy's changing relationship with Professor Xavier and the X-Men