Call Back In...
    "I'm in a middle of something, CALL BACK IN 5 minutes"
    We say that dozens of times each day, but we don't always remember to call back.
    This can lead to missed opportunities, business deals cancelled, and just plain simple

CALL BACK IN (APP) saves you a lot of trouble, and reminds you to make that call:

    ·   Choose the number / name you'd like to CALL BACK IN.

    ·   Type your desired time interval to get a reminder (hours:minutes).

    ·   Once the time interval passed, you will receive a reminder tone with a written notice on your cellphone screen: Time To Call To (number / name).

    ·   Pressing SNOOZE will resend an automatic reminder after 5 more minutes or other time of your choice; pressing CALL will reconnect you with the chosen number.


    CBI advantages

·   No need to launch any complicated calendar application or opening a new event.

·   Usable while talking with other people on your cellphone.

·   Lets you determine the snooze time.

·   Ready to use right after a call using the notification bar.

·   Integrates with Google Calendar.

·   Easy, fast and intuitive.




For more info, remarks & question email us: joyproduction.apps@gmail.com

    And dont forget to CALL BACK IN...