How To Appear On The Show
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Callalloo Express TV  show's Host/Producer Lynette Laveau Saxe, Arts Entrepreneur, constantly scouts for new and interesting artistes/ performers/entrepreneurs,whose skills and talents span a wide range of topics and disciplines, and which include but are not limited to Music,Theatre/Film, Dance, Science, Poetry, Fashion, Literature,Art, Entrpreneurship and so on.

In addition, Ms Laveau the show's host /producer responds to the changing culture by selecting  intellectually stimulating  commentaries on subjects that are thought-provoking, insightful, educational, entertaining, and worthy of discussion and whenever possible, accommodates repartee from call-in listeners.The format of the show varies from live performances, to video presentations, to on-air discussion assisted by video clips, photos, demonstrations and much more.

Ms Laveau  has provided a niche in her programming for pre-teen guests to explore the various career options that the business of Televison offers to budding arts and communication professionals.

Ms Laveau constantly seeks to take Callalloo Express' show-content to a new level that's professional, and theme-oriented while ensuring that it is innovative, entertaining, up-beat, tasteful and sometimes hilariously adventurous.
Such show-content has drawn positive viewer comments like those listed on our Viewer/Guests Comments section.