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 Commentary, Lynette laveau Saxe, Host/Producer

Callalloo Express



Khalil Flemming, Teen Actor , Shakespeare Project

talks with Host/Producer Lynette on

Topic: 7 Habits for Success- Per Tennis Star Venus Williams


Guest:Pastor Dianne Van Der Meer Kelley: Author of

"Out on A Limb With No Place To Hide"

An everyman's story of childhood perseverance, beauty, shame, dignity, sexual purity, self discovery and knowledge , and  adult struggle to  stay connected with God despite a series of traumatic and difficult situations , many of which were encountered in the faith community, before she emerged triumphant.

160 pages of effortless narrative filled with rich insights, testimonials and life lessons of, poetry,humor, instruction, and more for living a God fearing, and enriched life to fulfilling God's plan in each of our lives.I highly recommend this book.

See Guest BIO below.









135 Pleasant Street #32
Arlington, MA  02476-8163


Finance professional with broad based experience and accomplishments in financial analysis, business planning, asset valuation, and due diligence.  Significant international financial experience in emerging markets, international treasury, public offerings, new business development, foreign exchange, and inter-company financing.


PRIVATE CONSULTANT            1998-Present
Providing financial and managerial support for small businesses, Trade and
Investment projects and early stage companies.



Dianne Van Der Meer, Pastor, author of "Out On a Limb With  No Place To Hide" ,Motivational speaker. accompanied by her husband Bishop Frank Kelley


Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association.

Guests: Founder Pastor, Rev Ronald Stevenson,Dr David Holder and Vicki Lawler(Sickle Cell trait and parent of children with Sickle Cell Disease and Trait).

This team of concerned professionals keep the public aware of the need to find  a cure and succour for individuals who must live with the disease. They give an in depth profile of what the disease is about, who is liable to be affected, how it affects the lives of patients and seek to make the public aware of the need for much needed funds to continue the work of providing programs and services to those affected and their families.

Their third Annual walkathon, 'Walking For a Cure'  is scheduled for June 28,2008. 9:00am - 1:00pm

5 miles Only!

If you are interested in Walking  for a Cure or pledging call 617-427-4100 or 617-899-2138 or go to for more



GUEST APPEARANCE DATE:2008-April-14,2008.Cambridge resident and author, Betsy Grant,presents and explains the work of her husband, a published Cambridge Cartoon artist, Vernon Grant-deceased in 2006.The work of this gifted and visionary artist, currently on display til April 30,08 at Central Square Public Library,Cambridge, reveals his deep-faceted sensitivities for life around him, and that of his caring for the environment. A dedicated Marathon runner (as is Betsy, who will run in Marathon 2008) he became known in the Cambridge neighborhoods as 'the runner', but his legacy is forged through his art work, as in his life; he used his drawings to mentor neighborhood youth, by pointing their focus to a better way of resolving conflict,while building character through art and other creative methods of education.These lessons which reflect his rich and accomplished  former military career, live on in his published works 'The Love Ranger Series" which are available at the Central Square Public Library or for your own personal copy, you may contact Betsy Grant at  or 617-491-1795


GUEST APPEARANCE DATE:2008-May 12,2008:Newton resident Author, Speaker, University Pofessor, Fred Craver Ph.D, reveals breakthroughs he has achieved in his work on personal development and healing techniques,from a personal view point, and his specific and new approach to the Grieving Process in his New book "Courageous Healing".This intrigueing book not only chronicles the numerous challenges that Fred encountered in his life, from childhood, which include the loss of his eyesight, but how he devloped revolutionary healing techniques ashe tenaciously holds to life in the face of numerous other health challenges, moving from one quest to another, never giving up his search for solutions. " there isn't just one way to find relief for a problem with which you are struggling. If one approach does not appear to be producing results, try something else"...Fred Craver Ph.D

In "Courageous Healing" he also provides practical insights into efficacious healing techniques and transformations for dealing with anger,rejection, emotional block,unforgiveness and many of the psychological and emotional hurdles that we navigate in getting to where we feel uplifted, good about ourselves, self confident and being able to live emotionally-wholesome and productively fulfilling lives.

People who stand to benefit most from the Healing Technique discovered by Fred Craver are among,but not limited to the following:

* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-e.g prisoners of war, battlefield stress,

survivors of bombings

* Battered Women/Men-spousal abuse

*Survivors of Sexual Abuse-e.g victims of clergy abuse, incest

* Those who are grieving the loss of a deceased loved one.

*Any kind of Traumatic Experience e.g Emotional abuse in work place or organizations.

The Case Studies of Research Subjects

Two of several Research Subjects who suffered Multiple Traumas

Sally, an older woman, had experienced traumatic incidents starting in childhood. The final blow to her psyche came when she lost four close friends in quick succession to cancer. Her world tumbled out of control as she tried to deal with the trauma of losing these dear friends. Her grief was so profound she secluded herself from other people and isolated herself in the confines of her home. Sally reluctantly prepared for Christmas but couldn’t force herself to leave her safe haven, so she did all her Christmas shopping on the internet. In her grief her asthma worsened so she had to use her rescue inhaler two to four times per day; at the same time her diabetes was aggravated to the point where her blood sugar was soaring. She worried about the consequences of her actions.

Alice, a Research Subject who suffered Sexual Abuse

Throughout her life, Alice, a mature woman, experienced many traumas. In her early thirties she was raped at gunpoint. Starting early in her life she was physically abused by her mother who was jealous of the fact that Alice was the favorite of both her father and aunt. This caused her to have a lot of anger and rage toward her mother. Alice was physically and sexually mistreated repeatedly by neighborhood kids while she was between the ages of four and six. She had repressed these events and only understands them from what her mother had told her.

This abuse caused her to feel a lot of anxiety throughout her life. In particular, she felt uncomfortable around other people. This bothered her to such an extent she secluded herself at home making infrequent ventures out.

Using my healing approach for several sessions she went through a Healing Transformation (HT). In fact, in less than two weeks she experienced two HTs. This caused her to feel relaxed and at peace for the first time in her whole life. “I don’t want to come out of that peaceful state when I get to it because I’ve never actually had that peace in my life before.”

When she went through each HT she felt a deep feeling of relaxation in the pit of her stomach that lasted for a few days. “I was full of anxiety and I don’t feel that anymore.” Her self esteem has also improved and she finally has inner peace. “I always wondered how people could feel at peace within themselves and how they obtained it and well now I know.”

Alice’s healing has also caused her to feel a surge of energy. She hasn’t felt energy like this in more than two years. Her depression is now gone and she feels the motivation to take action. She got up early in the morning and to her amazement did four or five loads of laundry. This was an indication to her that she was getting her energy back.

Another benefit of her healing is being able to let go of angry feelings she has harbored. This has allowed her to be more tolerant of other people thus improving her relationships within her family as well as others. “I’m feeling more comfortable with adults and I’m holding better conversations with them.”

“It was your research and your technique that helped me get through this. If I hadn’t participated in your study I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I am today. I’ve had a lot of therapy.”

Quotes from People who have used the Approach to

Emotional Healing.

      “I felt as if this ocean wave, like gentle calmness came over me. I was very relaxed, I was very peaceful.” These are the words of a woman who successfully used an approach to emotional healing I recently discovered. “I’ve never actually had this kind of peace in my life before,” reported another woman who also used my approach. The method they both employed enables you to achieve a healing after you have gone through a traumatic experience. It does not matter how long ago the trauma occurred. It also does not matter how much you remember about the event itself.  The key is for you to go through a Healing Transformation, which can be achieved by using the same approach these people did.  
 The Story of Fred Craver, who Discovered the Healing Approach

While growing up I personally suffered a number of traumatic events. These primarily involved emotional abuse and neglect on the part of my parents and older brother. This caused my self-worth to plummet and made it difficult for me to feel any self-confidence.

By the summer of 1990 I realized I had severe psychological issues that needed to be resolved. Over the next few years, while working on these, I discovered the healing approach which provided the most profound healing I had ever achieved. This enabled me to achieve eight separate healing experiences from my early childhood traumas. Achieving this healing enhanced the quality of my life significantly. I am quite different from the way I was before embarking upon this work. I am more relaxed and content and feel a strong sense of inner peace. I have become more self-confident, less sensitive to criticism, and more open in my relationships. I now feel freer and less restricted by earlier emotional impediments.

If you have a question

To obtain your own personal copy of "Courageous Healing", to have  a question answered or have Fred as a speaker,contact him at: or

        P.O Box 173 Newton,MA 02456

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