A native of Trinidad and Tobago Lynette Laveau Saxe has practiced as a  professional Arts Entrepreneur for over thirty years. Her pursuits and accomplishments include Primary School Teacher,Theatre Director,Drama Coach, Modiste,Boutique owner, Success Coach, Event-Planner,Talent-Scout and Project Incubator,TV/Radio Host/Producer, as well as Voice Over Artist Travel and Tour Operator and more.


Ms Laveau demonstrated  a keen interest in Theatre and the Arts at a very early age, and  her first performance  in a full length  theatrical production was at age 11. She followed this with Theatre training classes and received an invitation to join the prestigious and renowned Trinidad Theatre Workshop founded by Derek Walcott(Nobel Laureate in Literature 1993), who is also founder of the Playwright's Theatre at Boston University, Boston MA.

With Trinidad Theatre Workshop, she received  further training and valuable acting experience, and  toured the Caribbean, Guyana, S.America and Canada. She created roles  in the awe-inspiring award-winning Derek Walcott 's play " Dream on Monkey Mountain",pwrforming at it's premier at Canada's Expo 67 Caribana, Toronto, and  also at Center Stage, Baltimore, MD(1976) under the accomplished direction of current Artistic Director of The Trinidad Theatre workshop, internationally acclaimed Trinidadian actor, Albert Laveau, senior brother to Lynette.

In the USA (1968) Ms Laveau continued her acting career as Actor/Drama Teacher. She scaled new heights in her acting career when in the role of Hippolita-Midsummer Night's Dream at Harvard University, Cambridge she co-starred with Tommy Lee Jones, academy Award winning screen actor.The same year along with Tommy Lee Jones and well known Broadway television actress Stockard Channing, she appeared in " A Winter's Tale in Georgia".

In the ensuing years she honed her career skills through stage/TV acting as well as appearing in independent films, and acquiring knowledge, training and experience in stage managing, play direction,theatre management and mime.

Concentrated study of TV Production and Mass Communication,costume and fashion design ,Finishing School and Fashion Modelling technique, Stage Directing,Script Writing,and Improvisation further honed her skills as a professional Theatre Practitioner.

THEATRE ASSTISTANT ADMINISTRATOR: At the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, Boston, Ms Laveau made her acclaimed directorial and writing debut by updating and adapting the musical "Ballad Caribe"-By renowned song writer/playwright-Irving Burgie.

During this period she also was a founding member of the first black Mime Theatre Company in Boston-'Wu Habi Mime Company', also at The Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, Roxbury MA., and  appearedd in productions staged by the Drama Department under the direction of Vernon Blackman, Administrator of the Drama Department.

As ACTRESS/SUPPORTING CAST MEMBER she performed with the following theatres: from 1969 -1995

People's Theatre,Cambridge,Harvard Summer Players, Harvard Univ, Cambridge, The Caravan Theatre, Harvard Epworth Church, Cambridge, Loeb Theatre, Cambridge,  Agassiz Playhouse, Elma Lewis Playhouse and Next Move Theatre.

As ARTISTIC DIRECTOR of the Village Stage, Brooklin, her presentation skills and artistry in Mime performances delighted the all-children audiences for which this Vaudeville theatre's repertoire was designed.

She travelled with a freelance theatre cast to Vermont College as actress in a stage adaptation of"Children of the Sea' from "Krik Krak",a novel authored by Haitian award-winning writer Edwidge Danticat.

AS TRAVEL AGENT EXECUTIVE/BOUTIQUE OWNER/ FASHION MODELTRAINER  Ms Laveau effortlessly entered the arena of business ownership both in Cambridge and fashionable Copley Place, Boston.( 1989-1994)She found time to become trained in Travel Agency and Tour organizing at Breech Training Academy, Kansas City,KS and CrimsonTravel School,Cambridge, MA. 


For her outstanding accomplishments (Trinidad and USA) as citizen, designer, artist and writer, Ms Laveau has received awards, citations, and commendations from civic and private organizations, for writing, costume design and  community service etc .Among them looms the EMMY AWARD 1977 received  by the  Channel 2-TV for best in programming and performances due to  her outstanding contribution as Drama Coach for the pre-teen cast of ZOOM-Channel 2, WGBH

Voice-over performances for "Nova" and "Say Brother" series produced also for WGBH,-TV have been heard and viewed by TV audiences nationwide.

PBS audiences across the USA, were rivetted by her story-teling skills, as she engaged young audiences, and parents etc in the narration of folk stories from the Caribbean, Africa and India on WGBH's "Spider's Web"series.

She  headed an organizing team for the first Trinidad and Tobago Flag Raising ceremony at Boston City Hall Plaza in August 1997 and received a citation  from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House of Representatives,for her outstanding work in event-coordination and community service.


Ms Laveau was responsible for innovating " Kids At Risk" and " Etiquette for Teens" - After School programs designed to address the fundamental needs of kids from homes experiencing crises, and offering career options for  students at Cambridge and Boston Public Schools.These programs made ample use of Creative writing through Improvisation techniques which Ms Laveau taught, as educator and experienced Drama coach.

Ms Laveau served as StoryTelling  consultant to student-teachers at Fisher College, Cambridge.

BOOKING AGENT /ARTIST MANAGEMEN and received a citation for her

Mid 1980s she was booking agent for -'Branches Steel Orchestra', Boston based Steel Pan Artistes, and US representative for the touring group of traditional drum and dance ensemble from the Democratic Republic of The Congo, 'Kiti Na Mesa"(1986-1987)and world renowned Soca artist 'The Mighty Sparrow', who through Ms Laveau's efforts, was presented at Symphony Hall, Boston (1997)as  the first Caribbean Artist to be presented through  the highly recognized 'Celebrity Series'. For a time she was the main Boston area supplier of Caribbean folk- performance artistes at area Colleges and specialty events, and evolved into an entrepreneur who understood Art as business.


The annual Cambridge Caribbean Carnival  an event that represents the many facets of Caribbean culture, got its start due to the enthusiasm, event-planning and presentation expertise of Ms Laveau as visionary of this idea, and  who served as the driving force and motivator to the founding committee, in its early foundling years, for this highly attended annual Cambridge summer event now in it's 16th year. 


Ms Laveau has been an entrepreneur from 1980 to the present.

Her couture business TheLaveau Look a fashion-design/event planning  and consulting service engaged in creating wedding, prom, ballroom and special-occasion gowns etc, or Consulting on the  Planning of Special Events in and outside of Cambridge.

Having eclipsed a venture into VOIP Telecomm industry with her company Laveau Look Telecomm,

Today Ms Laveau  is  building a Professional Coaching Career as a Certified Success Coach through her  Hosting/Producing "The Callalloo Express TV  Show" and  "Callalloo Relationships Radio Show" at CCTV,Cambridge. She is also an energetic member of the non -profit Cambridge African American Heritage Alliance, Cambridge, and serves on the  CCTV Board of Directors, after having been on the Members Advisory Committee (MAC) at CCTV

Ms Laveau is a consummate Arts Entrepreneur, dedicated to serving the community through the arts,volunteerism  and individual Mission work as she continues to seek opportunities where she can pursue her Life Purpose of being an inspiration, support and guidance to artistes, entrepreneurs, theatre companies,small-business owners, (professional and amateur)as well as youth in their chosen field of endeavour.

Through continued self development, she endeavours to stay current and connected by giving honor and glory to God through 'gifts of the heart' and service to humankind.


                                                         (c) Copyright 2008 Lynette Laveau Saxe

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