Coalition Initiatives

The Coalition has five main goals this year:
Goal #1: Advocacy
Identify members in targeted geographic areas (including local law enforcement) to faciliate success through school-based teen traffic safety programs.
  • Identify partnerships and increase number of scheduled school presentations
Goal #2: Advocacy
Promote existing traffic safety resources to teens, parents and community members.
  • Formalize a distribution network for disseminating teen and parent education programs and tools
Goal #3: Advocacy
Sustainability of CA Coalition.
  • Increase coverage through use of volunteers in civic groups and teen leadership groups with efforts funded through available sources
Goal #4: Education
Build an infrastructure to support and emphasize teen safe driving practices including GDL.
  • Develop structured processes, available resources and approved programs for community use
Goal #5: Enforcement
Engage three law enforcement agencies to pilot mobile device enforcement around high schools.
  • Increase number of agency resources to utilize in education efforts
GDL Game Plan for Coaches
The GDL Game Plan for Coaches is a vehicle for high school and recreational or travel league coaches to hold an open dialog with athletes about enforcing and adhering to GDL laws in their state. The document includes an overview of how and why the California GDL program works; offers suggestions for engaging athletes, parents and fans; outlines a sample code of conduct; and provides online resources. The GDL Game Plan also includes a brochure for parents to take home and discuss further with their teen.

Ticket Your Parent(s)

The Ticket Your Parent(s) program was designed by the Ohio Teen Safe Driving Coalition in partnership with the National Safety Council. Ticket Your Parent(s) is for teachers or organization leaders who work closely with pre-teens. Program facilitators give pre-teens a book of mock traffic tickets to issue to parents or other adult drivers engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. After the program ends, pre-teens discuss what they learned while observing their parents’ driving behaviors.

Register to host Ticket Your Parent(s) today! All materials are free and available as soon as you register.

The HEARTS Network

Nearly everyone knows someone whose life has been impacted by a teen driver-related crash. The National Safety Council manages the HEARTS Network, a nationwide group of families and victims that have been directly affected by a crash involving a teen driver. The HEARTS Network – an acronym for Honoring Everyone Affected, Rallying The Survivors – helps families and victims support one another and advocate for change. Those who have suffered a loss because of a teen driver may consider joining the HEARTS Network.

Visit the HEARTS Network for more information.