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 Feel free to use any of the assemblies listed below in your personal projects.

ManyMouse NET Wrapper

ManyMouse is a mouse library that you can use as an alternative to DirectInput, SDL, etc. The neat thing about ManyMouse is that it can distinguish if you have more than one mouse attached to your computer. 

The library on the official site is written in C.  This net wrapper makes it possible to use the library in a C# program. Just download these two files:  ManyMouseDLL.dll  ManyMouseNETLibrary.dll

Add ManyMouseNETLibrary in the project References.  The library namespace is ManyMouseNETLibrary. Create an object and initialize the library by calling the Initialize function, then call the Update function each frame. Example

 Keyboard utility


This assembly lets you caputure keyboard input in your game. You don't need DirectX SDK or anything  else. The library is self contained. The computer on which the game is run will need DirectX installed.

To use the library add the assembly to your project references and include the #using KeyboardNetPlug; line in your code. Call the Initialize() function where you initialize everything else in your game and then call the Poll() function every frame. 

C# File  Utility

This is a basic file library you can use in  your projects to  write data to a text file.  In  C# it's already  easy to write text to files, even so you need ~ 4-5 lines of code and worse of all you need to remember the parameters for those functions. With this library you only need one line of code. FileWriterLibrary.dll