Calin Arcalean

Associate Professor of Economics







ESADE Business School - Ramon Llull University


Phone: 34 932 806 162 Ext: 2326

calin DOT arcalean AT esade DOT edu



Edificio VI, 204

59, Av. de Torreblanca

08172 Sant Cugat del Valles

Barcelona, Spain




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 Work in progress


Structural change patterns and development in open economies


Capital mobility, public spending externalities and growth

Urbanization, productivity differences and spatial frictions (with Gerhard Glomm and Ioana Schiopu)




Dynamic Fiscal Competition: A Political Economy Theory, 2018, Journal of Public Economics

Online appendix


International Tax Competition and the Deficit Bias, 2017, Economic Inquiry


Inequality, Opting Out and Public Education Funding (with Ioana Schiopu), 2016, Social Choice and Welfare


Growth Effects of Spatial Redistribution Policies (with Gerhard Glomm and Ioana Schiopu), 2012, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control


Public versus Private Investment and Growth in a Hierarchical Education System (with Ioana Schiopu), 2010, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control


Public Budget Composition, Fiscal (De)Centralization and Welfare (with Gerhard Glomm, Ioana Schiopu and Jens Suedekum), 2010, Canadian Journal of Economics



International economics


Regional economics


Last updated: July 2019



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