What is paramotoring?


Similar to paragliding the only difference is that you have the power of a motor to help you move through the air. This generates lift and you start flying. The benefit of paramotoring is that you do not need a designated launch area to fly from, simply start your motor and fly. If you everwanted to know what a bird feels like flying over the beaches of California overlooking the reefs and sand then we recommend tandem paramotoring. You are assured a fun, unforgettable lifetime memory with one of our pilots. Simply sit and enjoy the ride.

For the diehards who would like to learn to fly on their own we offer classes to get you prepared for solo pilot instruction.

          15 min adventure Price of a tandem flight $185
          Every 15 min after $45


60 Minutes Instructors tandem flying includes leaning about how to control the Paraglider fundamental of flying, Aviation Regulations rules. $360