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In California we teach paragliding and fly paragliders from the very best paragliding sites in the country. Malibu and Pacific Coast beaches, and most mountain ranges along the country are ideal for places to fly. If you want a challenge, seek the freedom of long-duration flights without a motor, and are ready and willing to invest the time and energy in a life-altering sport, then paragliding is a great choice.

Demo/instruction: 2 person minimum.

Tandem mini demo including how to control the Paraglider fundamental of flying Ground handling (kiting) , Aviation Regulations 60 Min Ground school and mini tandem flying from 450 feet (About 2 min flying time). $340

Map to Malibu

23000 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

Map to Sylmar 

12600 Gridley Street, Sylmar, CA

Map to San Bernardino

5500 ben canyon rd, san bernardino CA 92407

Map to La Jolla 

2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

An ideal way to begin is on a tandem flight with your instructor.  Contact us today to arrange a demo/instruction ride!

 60 Minutes Instructors tandem flying includes leaning about how to control the Paraglider fundamental of flying, Aviation Regulations rules. $360

15 Minutes Instructors tandem flying. $180
Beginner Pilot Training (P1) 3-5 Days Training and
Pilot Training (P2) 2-5 Days Training $1850
Intermediate Pilot Training (P3) 1-2 Days Training $600
2 Hours Ground Training with all the gear $185
Price includes all necessary equipment for training.