Conference Program

Friday May 4

Bunche Hall 10383

8:00    Coffee & Bagels

8:50     Opening Remarks: Professor Ronald Vroon, University of California, Los Angeles

9:00     Keynote: Professor Gardner Bovingdon, Indiana University     

9:30     Panel 1: Borders    


"The Kitchen, the Cat, and the Table: Domestic Affairs of a Siberian Language"

Kathryn Graber

University of Michigan, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

“Lingual and culture-historical factors of identity preservation in the era

of Globalization”

Baurzhan Bokayev, Zhanna Kuzar, and Ainash Bokayeva

Eurasian National University


“The New Frontier of Inner Asia”

Andrew Grant

 University of California, Los Angles

11:00   Break

11:15   Panel 2: Language Policy


“Language and Sovereignty: A Comparative Analysis of Language Policy in
Tatarstan and Kazakhstan”

Kyle Marquardt

University of Wisconsin, Madison


“The Political Potential of Language Policy: A Kazakhstan for Kazakhs?”

Brandon Miliate

The University of British Columbia


“The Narrativization of Kazakh Proverbs: Kazakh-Speaking College Students Share Perspectives on Family, Friends, and Nation”

Erik Aasland

Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies

12:45   Lunch

1:30     Keynote
: Ayse-Azade Rorlich, University of Southern California

Panel 3: Identity in the Early 20th Century


‘’Missionary Linguistics and the Edge of Empire”

Jesse D. Murray

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


“Turkmen Language and Identity in early 20th century Print Culture”

Victoria Clement

Naval Postgraduate School

3:30     Break

3:45     Panel 4:  Script Reform

“The Formation of Literary Languages and Identity in Mongolic languages: Mongolian, Buryat and Kalmyk”

Arai Yukiyasu

Hokkaido University


“The Transition Process from the Arabic Alphabet to the Latin Alphabet in Azerbaijani Press”

Ziyafet Eyvazova

Baku Slavic University


“Identity politics and globalization: The Debate on Script Reform among the Uyghur”

Hamut, Baharguel

University of Bern


6:00 Reception - University Village Gazebo


Saturday, May 5
Bunche Hall 10383

8:00    Coffee & Bagels

9:00     Keynote:  Harsha Ram, University of California, Berkeley                                         

9:30    Panel 5:
Constructing Literature


“Imagining community” in Soviet Kazakhstan: A historical analysis of narrative on nationalism in Kazakh-Soviet literature”

Diana Kudaibergenova

University of Cambridge


"A Soviet 'Court Poet': Lahuti's Ode to the Kremlin and the Ruins of a Classical Canon in Soviet Central Asia."

Sam Hodgkin

University of Chicago


"Iranian Revolutionaries as Soviet Citizens: Abulqasim Lahuti and Soviet Tajik Literature"

Lisa Yountchi

University of Pennsylvania


10: 45  Break

11:00   Panel 6: Ethnic Identity and Globalization


“Confronting Globalization and Preserving National Identity in Kazakhstan”

Oksana Kirichok and Irina Agashkina

International Academy of Business in Kazakhstan


“Vanishing Words: Language and Ethnicity in Post-Conflict Osh”

Emily Canning - Language & ethnicity in Osh post-conflict

12:30   Lunch

2:00     Panel 7: Islam in Central Asia


“The Role of the Sufi Leader Ahmad Yassavi’s Teachings and the Divan-i Hikmet in Formation of Central Asian Turkic Identity in the Twelfth Century”

Dilbarkhon Akhmedova

Independent Scholar


“Islam, shamanism and ethnic identity of nomadic Kyrgyz in Central Asia”

Fatima Sartbaeva

University of Wisconsin, Madison


“Tajikistan: the Challenge of Transnational Islamic Movements”  

Davlatsultan Dorgabekova

Rutgers University


3:30 Closing Remarks

Sponsored by the UCLA Program on Central Asia and the UCLA Slavic Department, in cooperation with the UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies.