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Yurok food and hunting

Yurok food and hunting

   Have you ever wondered how the people got there food from when there was no such thing as stores. The Yurok tribe was a fishing tribe not that much of a hunting tribe. The tools for fishing are fishing nets, spears and wooden fish traps. They also caught sea lions and mollusks and gathered sea weed too.

Special foods

   The two most specialist foods in the entire tribe are salmon and acorns. The acorns are gathered often and are a very important resource. Now salmon on the other hand also has a ceremony called the first salmon ceremony. They celebrate it because the salmon started to have babies then they get more food. Elk is an important resource but not a favorite. 

Tools and weapons

   Weapons for hunting animals like deer, elk and rabbits are bows, arrows and spears. For fishing however in the introduction they used fishing nets, spears and wooden fish traps. They used knives too incase of war also.


   The Yurok tribe grew lots of crops and plants. Some of the foods they grow were tomatoes plants, cabbage and carrots. They also grow lots of fruits and here are some of them apple trees, melons and water melon too. When the fruits and vegetables were ripe women came out to pick the food.


   In conclusion the Native Americans are different from today in a lot of ways. The Native Americans hunted there food and now we get our food from a market or a store. Every second that ticks away the past gets longer and longer. We can’t change any of that.