Moslem Girls' Training Guide aka Sisters' Auxiliary Handbook

posted Jul 25, 2014, 2:38 PM by CalifaMedia Moors   [ updated Nov 12, 2018, 6:12 PM by Tauheedah Najee-Ullah ]
What does it mean to be a Moorish Moslem sister really??
To the Sisters:
What does it mean to be a Moorish Moslem sister really??  From courtship to marriage to child rearing, our traverse through slavery has resulted in the loss of our traditional practices, replacing them with the abominable habits of our oppressors.  The M.G.T. Guide is here to address those issues.

Contents include:
  • The Laws of Women in Islam
  • How to Dress
  • Moslem Rules
  • Proper Attitude
  • Courtship & Marriage
  • And much MUCH more!

To the Brothers:
"If you have a wife, and she does not belong to the Temple, instead of giving her one apple, give her two."  ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali

What a wonderful gift this would make for that sister you may be considering making a wife.  It will show her you want her to (and HOW to) respect herself so that you can too. 

Please click article below to access larger copy explaining origins of the Moorish National Sisters' Auxiliary.