Proclamation of Real Moorish American Nationality

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     In 1928, El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali, known to the world as Noble Drew Ali, attended the Pan-American Conference in Havana, Cuba.  At said conference, also attended by the not-invited Secretary of State for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, our Prophet received from the nations of America the mandate recognizing the Moor’s claim to the Americas, and simultaneously, the expiration of the European mandate to occupy Moorish lands in the Western Hemisphere. 

     The issuance and invocation of this Official Proclamation of Real Moorish American Nationality serves as constructive notice to the nations of the world: The Moors are back, and the Judgment of the Nations of the Earth is upon us.
     Color edition printed to ensure no bleed-through when copied.  Copies are suitable for inclusion with official filings. 

     Black and white edition for public distribution also available.