Thinking Cap Essay Contest

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Greetings to the Moors and the rest of the human family!

In celebration of the release of yet ANOTHER treatise on the divine and national head wear of the Moors, Califa Media is honored to present the Thinking Cap Essay Contest!
Beginning Spring Equinox 2016, we invite the interested to draft an essay of no less than 5 pages and no more than 10 pages on the fez. 

All entries are due no later than 
June 21, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.

Contest Rules:

1. Essay must be a minimum of 5 full pages or a maximum of 10 pages. This length is exclusive of the title page and separate Works Cited/ Bibliography page. Text must be Century Schoolbook 11 point font with 0.7 inch margins on all sides.  Turabian/ Chicago style citation prefered.   No images may be included as part of the essay. Essays deviating from these parameters will be automatically disqualified.

2. Essays must cite at least 5 book references.  No internet references will be accepted aside from definitions supported by an actual text are permitted. Two of these references MUST include "Who Stole the Fez, Moor or Shriners?" by G.S. Kudjo Adwo El and "The Secrets of The Fez: Its History and Its Origin" by Cozmo El, Minister of Culture. Essays deviating from these parameters will be automatically disqualified.

3. Essays must be emailed in Word format to no later than June 21, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.  Any essays time-stamped after this date will not be accepted.

4.  Entrants agree to have their essays re-formatted to an audio file to be uploaded to Califa Media's YouTube page for public inspection.  The hard copy essay will not be reprinted or included in any publications without prior author notification.

5.  These rules are subject to change so please subscribe to Califa Media's FaceBook page or check these rules weekly to ensure you receive timely notice of such.

PRESS RELEASE--RE: "Black History Month," from Cozmo El, Min. of Culture

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Moorish Madrasa: A Sharif Abdul Ali Academy

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Introducing the newest collaborative effort between active Moors and the staff of Calfia Media.  

Addressing the demand for more Moorish nationality instruction for our children these industrious nationals are contributing to the development of supplemental materials for home and public/ private school students.  These lessons can also be used for those who have recently discovered their true Moorish identities.

Califa Media cordially invites the public to witness the growth of this project.  Please visit for a list of our offerings, or join us on our social network and connect with other parents and educators bent on taking back the minds of our youth and thus the future of our nation!

Tag Day 2015

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Happy Tag Day 2015!  
25% off Sisters' Auxiliary Handbook March 16-20 2015.
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Moslem Girls' Training Guide aka Sisters' Auxiliary Handbook

Prophet's Day Across Amexum 2015

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Islam!  Gratitude to the Moors who contributed the images used in this film.  Congratulations on being included in the first video of this type to be preserved in the Millennial Archives being compiled by Califa Media.

Featured Freebie Jan - Feb 2015

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Please click image access free ebook.
P.O.W. Series

Prophet's Day Celebrations 2015

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Islam Mighty Moors!  The Divine and National Movement is gaining momentum in the Americas!  Active Moors are organizing to acknowledge our Prophet, Noble Drew Ali and celebrate our accomplishments.  Below are fliers released announcing events in various sections of our country.  Please email to have your event promoted--for free--by Califa Media.

Click fliers/ images for Moor information.
Peace and Love,
Califa Media(R).

Moorish Science Temple of America 
Subordinate Temple #5 - Canaanland
Toronto, Ontario, [CANADA]

5th Annual Noble Drew Ali Day Celebration
Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015,
12pm - 5pm EST

Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, 
12pm - 6pm EST

2533 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

  Moorish Science Temple #24 
Los Angeles, CA

Harvest Day Celebration
Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015 
3pm PST
3213 W Vernon Ave
Los Angeles, California 90008

MST of A Home Office Rule 805
Temple 2/2A 
Miami Beach, FL

Prophet's Day Celebration
Jan. 8, 9, 10, 2015
Contact for information
 Moorish Science Temple of America - Durham
Durham, NC

Prophet's Day Celebration
Jan. 8, 2015
6pm - 8pm EST

Nu Community Dev. Center
902 Old Fayetteville St.
Durham, NC
Phoenix Square
Contact 919.949.8060 for info Science Temple of America #19 - Washington, D.C.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali Day
Jan. 8, 2015
7pm - 11pm EST

1816 12th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Contact 410.935.9846 for info.

Moorish Science Temple of America #21 -
Brooklyn, NY.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali Day
Jan. 8, 2015
2pm EST

349 Bainbridge Street
Brooklyn, NY.
Contact 718.452.1015 for info.
Moorish Science Temple of America #42 - 
Philadelphia, PA

Prophet Noble Drew Ali Day
Jan. 8, 2015
4pm - 6:30pm EST

Marian Anderson Recreation Center
740 S. 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA
Contact G.S. E. Mesfin El @ 267.357.9800 for info.

Other events scheduled for January 8, 2015 (Please contact Temple/ org for additional information). Islam to Moorish America for update.

Featured Freebie Nov. - Dec.2014

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We are  offering mobile versions of the Holy Koran Circe 7 and The Red Book, and the 101 Questionnaires

While these text are readily available online, Califa Media humbly offers this a copy formatted for choice of .mobi, .epub or .pub.  

Subscribe to our eBook Mailing List to receive your free copies.

Featured Freebie October 2014

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September 2014 Featured Freebie

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