Calicut Heritage Forum

Preserving Calicut's history, culture and heritage


The rise of Calicut (also known as Kozhikode) as the capital of a flourishing centre of manufacturing and trade coincided with the emergence of the benign rule of the Zamorins in the 12th century AD. It was known as the  "City of Truth" due to its reputation for  honesty and fair trade - at a time when piracy and plunder were generally acceptable.


Over the next 800 years Calicut witnessed the rise and fall of the Zamorin, the Portuguese, the Mysore Kingdom and the British. These turbulent times have left behind their record in the shape of monuments, documents, cultural practices and folklore. Much of this has been preserved for the sake of posterity. 


However, we feel a lot more needs to be identified and documented. Ours is a humble effort in this direction. This task can be achieved only with the collaboration of the citizens of Calicut who take pride in the unique composite culture which symbolises our city's heritage.