...Night Gathers, And Now My Watch Begins

             When: October 12th-14th

             Where: Black Diamond Games

                           1950 Market Street, Suite E

                           Concord, CA 94520

Every year the best A Game of Thrones LCG players in California gather to test their skills against one another in a weekend of exciting and unique events. This year's CaliCon promises to be one of our best yet.

In addition to some exciting new events, this year CaliCon is adopting a Night's Watch theme to pay homage to the tireless efforts of our Brothers in Black. Events, awards, and titles will have a flavor unique to the the mysterious lands and people of and beyond The Wall.


Friday October 12th – 4:00pm-10:00pm "The Watch has Need!" Classic Draft

  • Players will draft decks from the classic A Game of Thrones Winter and A Song of Night blocks, which are replete with Night's Watch, Wildlings, and even the Others themselves.

  • To supplement their drafted cards each player will also receive one of the classic draft packs

  • 3-4 Rounds of Swiss Pairing with a cut to the top 2 for single elimination

  • Special Rules: The minimum deck size for this event is a scant 40 cards, while the maximum plot deck size a mere 5 cards. Rounds will be played in a strict 50 min., and the victory condition for all decks (plus/minus possible modifiers) will be 10 power total.

  • This is a fast-paced event that will require precision draft choices with a keen sense for both efficiency and strength.

  • The winner of this event will be granted the title of First Ranger for their adaptability and skill at arms.  

Saturday October 13th 10:30am-9:00pm "The Choosing" 
CaliCon Championship Event

·         This will be a standard constructed Joust Tournament following the current guidelines for deck building set forth in the latest          version of the FAQ.

·        4-6 rounds of swiss pairs, 60 min. rounds, followed by a cut to the top 8 qualifiers.

·        Top 8 will play single-elimination, no time limit.

·        Special Rule: The final matchup for the championship will be a best-of-three showdown

·        The winner of the championship event will earn the title of Lord Commander for their ability to rise above all others in the most competitive format of A Game of Thrones.

Sunday October 14th 10:30am-4:00pm "The Oath" Special Themed Event

·         When you join the Night’s Watch, you leave behind all your past allegiances and fealty.

·         For this special themed event, each player will submit a sleeved, boxed, standard constructed Joust deck in the House of their choice.

·         During 3-4 rounds of swiss pairing, players will be given a random deck from the pool for each round. In addition to doing battle with your opponent, after each round players will rate the deck that they played with.


      ·     We will cut to top 2 after the swiss rounds. The players in the final round will be given the top rated decks from the entire event.

    ·         The winner of the tournament will be graced with the title of First Steward for their exceptional caretaking and management skill!

        In addition, the owner of the deck that wins the tournament will be awarded the title of First Builder!

    ·         Players may take up to 5 minutes to look through their assigned deck before the initial shuffle. Also, players may include a brief      description of the general strategy of their deck within the box itself. All deck boxes must be labeled with the owner’s name.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

In addition to all of the unique CaliCon VI items you can acquire just by registering and/or donating for the weekend, we will have an abundance of awards for those who place or win in one of the three events, including:    

·         Posters/Prints

·         House Cards

·         Sleeves

·         Deck boxes

·         HBO Licensed A Game of Thrones merchandise

·         Playmats

·         Custom Engraved Acrylic Trophies for each of the four earned titles (Lord Commander, First Ranger, First Steward, and First Builder)

Registration Information

There are a couple of different options for registering this year.

1.      Individual Event Registration

·         Players can arrive in person up to 30 minutes before an event begins and no later than 5 minutes before it begins to register. The cost for any one individual event is $10. All players that participate in at least one event will receive a custom set of CaliCon VI Power Counters as a door prize.

2.      Full Advance Registration

·         Players can register for all three events of the weekend in advance simply by emailing the Tournament Organizer (contact info below). All players that register in advance by September 15th will receive a custom designed CaliCon VI t-shirt in the size of their choice. The cost for advance registration is $30, which can be paid in full in person on October 12th OR mailed in advance of the tournament.


Want to Join the Order of Stewards?

Every year many generous individuals step forward to donate towards the running of CaliCon. This year we are organizing donations so that they can better serve the tournament itself, while at the same time recognizing those individuals that go the extra mile to help make CaliCon a reality.

There will be a tiered system for donations:

Tier 1: Donations in the range of $10.00-$29.00. Individuals who donate will receive a custom set of Steward gold tokens.

Tier 2: Donations in the range of $30.00 or more. Individuals who donate will receive the custom-made set of gold tokens as well as a custom-designed Steward shirt recognizing their exemplary dedication and support of CaliCon.

All donations must be received before September 15th in order to ensure your gifts are shipped by the tournament weekend. If you are interested in donating, please contact the Tournament Organizer.

All registration fees and donations are put towards the cost of running the events, awards, prizes, materials, and gifts.


                                                                                    TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER

                                                                                    Luke Sydlaske


Note: Both the official CaliCon VI Shirt and the Limited Steward Shirt are being designed by professional artists. The art is amazing, and proofs will be posted to this site as soon as they are finished to give you a preview. Shirts are 100% cotton and professionally screen printed (no iron-on).

Check Out the Custom Made Power Counters and Gold Tokens! As you can see we are really going with the theme of the Night's Watch this year with both designs, featuring a white raven on the power counters and black towers upon the gold tokens. The Power Counters are for all participants this year, and the gold tokens are limited to those that donate to CaliCon VI! Details above. 


Check back soon for the CaliCon VI T-Shirt Designs!

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