For Authors

Caliburn Press is not currently accepting new submissions.

When submitting a book to Erin, please remember these simple guidelines:
>Submit the book in .rtf or .doc format only.
>If your book is fiction, please submit a synopsis with it.
>If your book is non-fiction, please submit an outline with it.
>Please include a marketing plan - do you plan to use social media? Schedule book signings? What else?
>Please submit an author biography and, if desired, a photo of yourself, with the book.

Once Erin accepts your book, you will be sent a guide to putting it in the proper format to send to an editor. This includes putting your name and email address on the cover page - very important. 

***It may be weeks or months before an editor is assigned your book - but we are actively hiring new editors at this time, so the waiting period will drop accordingly.***

Erin is usually the one to assign the book to an imprint, deciding whether, for example, your book will go to Eternal Press or Siento Sordida Publishing.

Once an editor is assigned to your book, the editor will contact you. Then begins a period of working together, where the editor corrects technical errors and suggests re-writes. We use the Chicago Manual of Style, but the editor will also use good judgment. The editor has a deadline to be finished with the work.

Sometime during or after your work with the editor, a cover artist will be assigned. Again, you and the artist will work together to create a cover. You may reject two offerings from the artist; once a third cover design has been made, you must choose one of the three.

The next step is for your book to be formatted for distribution. Once it is done, your book will be uploaded to several distributors and will soon be for sale. Due to the high volume of excellent submissions that we receive, and also due to the care with which we edit manuscripts, it might take several months, or even a year, for a book to go from submission to publication. This is an industry standard, but we are actively working to cut that time.

Caliburn Press markets proactively and intelligently. We issue press releases, we notify newspaper and radio interviewers, and more. We also selectively market products to conventions, organizations, and even local clubs of people who might be interested. Finally, if your book is lagging behind others in sales, we'll devote extra advertising resources to it.
Bekki Leddon,
Dec 20, 2015, 5:24 PM