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One of the key the missions of the California Geography Society is to provide forums for the exchange of scholarly ideas and opinions, pedagogical practices and concerns as well as information about the activities about the organization.
To that end, the CGS publishes the peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, The California Geographer, and a tri-annual newsletter called The Bulletin.

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The California Geographer

The first edition of The California Geographer was published in 1960 as “a means of publishing more material on California, on the work of California geographers, or perhaps as an outlet for work which was not finding space in the four national professional geography journals of the time”.

Today it serves much the same purpose, and we invite members and non-members alike to consider submitting their high quality research, opinions and reviews to the peer-reviewed California Geographer. For more information, including instructions to prospective contributors click below.

More information about the California Geographer

The Bulletin of the California Geographical Society

The Bulletin was published initially as a newsletter beginning in 1946, but in 1953 it became The Bulletin and it included short manuscripts in addition to news about the organization's meetings and activities. Today, manuscripts are the domain of our journal, The California Geographer, but The Bulletin lives on, reporting and announcing the activities of the CGS, especially the plans for and reports about the annual conference; but the bulletin also welcomes news of note regarding CGS members.

The editor of the Bulletin continually seeks to increase the variety of news and information published on its pages and to diversify the type of contributors.  If you have a submission idea or would like to share an activity or experience on your campus, please feel free to contact Tiffany Seeley