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About Us

What is the California Geographical Society?

Founded in 1946, the CGS is the oldest statewide organization dedicated to enhancing the understanding of geography as well as promoting interaction amongst academic and applied geographers, as well as members of the general public who share an interest in geography.

Who can join the California Geographical Society?

Anyone with an interest in geography and/or the goals of the society is welcome to join. 

The current membership reflects a variety of backgrounds including:

  • University geographers and students 
  • Community College geographers and students 
  • Applied geographers from business, industry and government 
  • Public and private school teachers
  • People who are interested in geography

Read Jenny Zorn's Retrospective History of the CGS (.pdf)
Published in The California Geographer. 2003. Vol. 43. pp. 67-84.
Permission to republish article kindly granted by Jenny Zorn.

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