Donate to the California Geographical Society

The California Geographical Society is pleased to offer a variety of awards and scholarships in recognition of outstanding scholarly activity.

The CGS distributes more than $2,000 each year in student scholarships and awards. Presented each year at the annual conferences, these awards are a significant source of pride for the California Geographical Society.

The maintenance of the endowments funding our awards and scholarships is largely underwritten by donations made by society members. We encourage you to consider donating to one or more of the funds that reward outstanding student geographers.

There are several ways to donate. We want to make it very convenient for you. Many folks simply donate what they see fit during the conference registration process. That's pretty easy, but for those of you who would like to keep your donations separate from your conference costs, for tax or institutional accounting purposes, there are other options.

Of course, the California Geographical Society remains happy to accept donations via check or even cash, but we have also endeavored to make the process more formal as well by setting up an on-line donation form allowing you to use a credit or debit card via PayPal.  This allows donors to get more more formal confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.

If you would like to donate by check, you are welcome to present it in person at the conference, or you can mail a check to the organization's treasurer or president. Contact any member of the organization's board for details or if you have questions. 

The tax deductible nature of the donations to an organization like ours warrants a web page and PayPal structure separate from the conference registration materials, where donations had been exclusively solicited in the past. We hope you find this additional donation method convenient and helpful to your own record keeping.

Below are several options for those who would like to donate to one of our funds that support outstanding student scholarship. Simply click on a "donate now" button and your browser will open a new window at the PayPal site. There you will be prompted to enter a donation amount and be presented with options for transferring money into the funds.

The PayPal donation web page is separate from the web page that accepts payments for conference registration.

David Lantis Scholarship Award

Supports one graduate and one undergraduate scholarship annually. See details of the Award.

Tom McKnight Student Paper Award

Supports three graduate and three undergraduate awards annually. See details of the award.

Joe Beaton Poster Award Fund

Funds three graduate/undergraduate awards annually. See details of the award.

Student Travel Assistance Fund

Provides financial assistance for students seeking to attend the annual conference.  See details of the award.  

The California Geographical Society

Donate to the California Geographical Society's general fund, which supports a variety of student-oriented activities, scholarships and competitive awards.

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