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San Diego - El Cajon - Grossmont College

Post Card "Greetings from San Diego" with images of scenes nearby.

Make plans to join friends from the California Geographical Society in San Diego County this spring,
April 28-30, 2017Help get the word out, and get your students and colleagues ready to come to San Diego County in the Spring!

***The conference program is now online!***

To view the online conference program, please click here.
Click here to download the Saturday conference planner

The deadline for presenters is Sunday, April 9th, 2017.  

Registration Forms

Planning Guide:

Here's what you should expect in terms of fees and costs.
  1. Membership fees : $10 for students,     $25 for non-students
  2. Registration fees:  $40 for students,  $60 for non-students
  3. Friday BBQ (free)
  4. Lunch (optional - $10)
  5. Banquet (free for student presenters, $20 for other students, $30 for faculty, others)
  6. Field trip costs (vary from $10 to $50)
  7. Lodging - varies greatly.
  8. Transportation - varies 
  9. Parking - varies.
  10. Miscellaneous.
Items 1-6 above can be purchased online via the registration form.  You will need a credit card or a PayPal account to complete the process.  You can pay by check as well.  Students can ask faculty or departments to pay for these costs.

For students and faculty looking to present papers:

When you register, you should already have a title and completed abstract for your paper, poster or map. During the online registration process you will be asked to copy and paste your title and abstract into a web-form.  That tile and abstract will appear in the conference program, which is published a week or two before the conference itself.

If you plan to enter a student competition, please follow closely the guidelines established by the various calls for papers that will be posted here, once registration opens.  You may compete for prize money and recognition for papers (oral presentations of research) posters, and cartography.

Conference Materials

Arch over a street at sunset.  "El Cajon" is displayed on the arch.

The links below provide the information you need to register and prepare for the conference.  

The registration form links are near the bottom of this page, but please take time to read the registration information, paper/poster/cartography guidelines, field trip descriptions, etc. before registering for the conference.  


Program and Abstracts - FORTHCOMING

  • Conference Session Planner (.pdf) 
    • Use to help you plan your visits to papers and posters.
  • Conference Program (online) 
  • Conference Abstracts (.pdf) - Forthcoming
    • Use "find" to search for topics, names, titles, etc.
  • Cartography Abstracts (.pdf) - Forthcoming
  • Poster Abstracts (.pdf) - Forthcoming
  • Graduate Paper Abstracts (.pdf) - Forthcoming
  • Undergraduate Paper Abstracts (.pdf) - Forthcoming

Presentation Information - Read Before Registering

Call for Presentations: Maps, Posters, Papers  - Deadline - FORTHCOMING

  • David Lantis Scholarship Flyer (.pdf) 
  • Student Poster Competition Flyer (.pdf)
  • Student Paper Competition Flyer (.pdf)
    • McKnight Professional Paper Awards 
    • Geosystems Awards
  • Student Cartography Competition Flyer (.pdf)
  • Student Travel Award Flyer (.pdf)
    • RAFFLE FLIER! (.jpg) - (.pdf) - 
  • Put together a basket of goodies or bring some 
    Geo-swag to help maintain the student travel fund account

Additional Conference Information

Maps and Directions 

Registration Forms

  • Visit the California Geographical Society's Facebook page for networking and contacts...or just contact one of the CGS board for tips to get to the conference "green".
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