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Bridge in Redding
The initial constitution of 1946 established annual meetings of CGS, which was known at that time as the California Council of Geography Teachers. The first meeting was held on Saturday, June 21, 1947, in the San Diego Hotel in conjunction with the APCG meeting.  Since the inaugural conference, meetings have been held in almost every corner of the state, in urban settings and in rural settings. From the majestic Yosemite Valley to a townhouse in Fresno!

The annual spring conference is generally held the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May, and average attendance hovers around 350 geographers and friends.  

The conferences feature high quality scholarship from student geographers, professors and professional geographers from the public and private sectors in a supportive environment. 

Fabulous field trips, lead by local geographers and historians are always a highlight, but many conference attendees claim the camaraderie and fellowship makes each year's conference memorable.

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California Geographical Society
Call for Annual Meeting Venues and Hosts

The Annual Meeting of the California Geographical Society (CGS) represents the organization’s most important function and exciting event. The meeting’s primary objectives are to encourage intellectual exchange on geographical topics, and to foster the cause of geographical literacy.  Because place is so vital to the discipline of geography, meeting venues should fully represent the geographical diversity and uniqueness that characterize California.  Future locations are decided by consensus of the Executive Committee at their annual meeting in October. So that your ‘letter of interest’ receives thorough consideration, please address each of the following queries. Letters must be received by the President at least 18 months prior to the proposed spring meeting.

  1. Principal Collaborators/Organizers
  2. Why do you want to host the meeting?
  3. Describe the location— why will geographers be interested in this venue?
  4. Discuss the capacity of your group and location to host a conference, that is, facilities and infrastructure, meeting rooms, technology capacity, food, accommodations, student volunteers, staff, faculty support, etc.
  5. How will holding the meeting at your location contribute to the mission of CGS?
  6. Discuss local attractions of interest, especially possible field trips, and proposed means of transportation.
  7. Do you have ideas for a conference theme and possible workshops?
  8. CGS traditionally holds its annual conference on the last full weekend in April, Friday through Sunday.  With this in mind, please answer the following questions:
    1. Are there issues about your proposed venue (weather extremes, longstanding conflicts, site availability, etc) which make the last full weekend in April unworkable?  If so, please explain.
    2. Specifically, what dates/year are you proposing? 
    3. Have you checked all pertinent event calendars (personal, campus/institution, city, other proposed venues, etc) for conflicts?

I. Do you have any thoughts about possible guest speakers, entertainment, and special events/activities?

J. If possible, include letters of support from your department chair (or equivalent, required) and the college dean (encouraged).

If you have questions, feel free to contact the President or Vice President. 

See below for link to .pdf version of the Call for Annual Meeting Venues and Hosts

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Jan 8, 2016, 10:36 AM