The Geosystems Award

Deborah Giles, Steve Graves and Robert Christopherson
The Geosystems Award is the first endowed award in the organization’s history. This was made possible in 2002 by Robert and Bobbé Christopherson. Bobbé and Robert’s textbook, Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography is a leading textbook in physical geography. 

Their dedication to furthering our knowledge of the environment is reflected in their enthusiastic support of students. 

Robert Christopherson, now retired from American River College, received the Outstanding Educator Award in 1997. Robert was the keynote speaker in the Presidential Plenary at the 2002 meeting.  In 2012, Robert and Bobbé were recognized together with the Friend of Geography Award.

Each year a cash award for best physical geography paper is presented to an undergraduate and a graduate student who presents their research at the CGS annual conference.

See the upcoming conference home page for details and the call for papers.

Past Winners
 Year Name  Affiliation 
 2015 Theodore Dingemans- Graduate 
Mike Johnson - Undergraduate   
 University of Nevada, Reno
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
 2014 Melissa Miller - Graduate
Zachary Truskolaski- Undergraduate 
 CSU, Fullerton
Sonoma State
 2013 Veronica Roach - Graduate
Talisa Rodriguez - Undergraduate
CSU, Fullerton
CSU, Humboldt 
 2012  Deborah Giles - Graduate
Timothy Scott - Undergraduate   
UC Davis 
Sonoma State