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Distinguished Service Award

Jim Wanket, Robert Voeks and Steve Graves
The California Geographical Society operates through the generous donations of time from about a dozen or so key volunteers.  Many dozens of additional volunteers step up during the conference each year to serve as judges, sales persons, technical assistants or simply running errands.  Their time, effort and energy is greatly appreciated.

In 1970, the first Distinguished Service Award was bestowed upon Art Carthew of L.A. City College and it has been given each year since to a member of the California Geographical Society who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the organization.

Pictured above is 2015 recipient and past-president, Robert Voeks, along with past presidents Jim Wanket (L) and Steve Graves (R)


Past Award Recipients
Year Name Affiliation
 2015Robert Voeks    California State University, Fullerton
 2014Jennifer HelzerCalifornia State University, Stanislaus
2013 Robin Lyons San Joaquin Delta College
2012 Debra Sharkey Cosumnes River College
2012 John Aubert American River College
2010 Dayna Wells Los Angeles Unified School District
2009 Steve Graves California State University, Northridge
2008 Dick Eigenheer California State University, Stanislaus
2007 Mike Murphy Gettysburg Elementary School
2006 Matt Ebiner El Camino College
2005 Jenny Zorn California State University, San Bernardino
2004 William Bowen California State University, Northridge
2003 Carol Cox Sierra College
2002 Steve Cunha Humboldt State University
2001 Ray Sumner Long Beach City College
2000 Bill Holder Fountain Valley High School
1999 Steve Slakey La Puente High School
1998 Carolyn Whorff Mt. San Jacinto College
1997 Joe Leeper Humboldt State University
1996 Bruce Bechtol California State University, Chico
1995 David Helgren San Jose State
1994 Rich Hough San Francisco State University
1993 Emmett Hayes La Puente High School
1992 Rod McKenzie University of Southern California
1991 William Preston Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
1990 Don Floyd Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
1989 Jim Blick San Diego State University
1988 George Nasse California State University, Fresno
1988 John Carthew Los Angeles Pierce College
1987 Jim Switzer  Southwest College Chula Vista
1986 Charles Yahr San Diego State College
1986 David Jennings Los Angeles City College
1986 Adolf Stone Long Beach City College
1985 Tom Best California State University, Los Angeles
1984 [unknown]
1983 [unknown]
1982 Don Holtgrieve California State University, Hayward
1982 Dave Hendrickson Fresno City College
1981 Art Karinen California State University, Chico
1981 Dave Hendrickson Fresno City College
1980 Rodney Steiner California State University, Long Beach
1979 Andrew Kennelly California State University, Hayward
1978 David Jennings Los Angeles City College
1977 Gertrude Reith California State University, Fullerton
1976 David Lantis California State University, Chico
1976 Chet Cole California State University, Fresno
1975 Adolf Stone Long Beach City College
1974 Haig Rushdoony California State University, Stanislaus
1973 [unknown]
1972 Loren Post San Diego State College
1971 Alfred Butz Santa Rosa Jr. College
1970 Art Carthew Los Angeles City College