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Outstanding Educator Award

Dan Walsh, Irene Naesse and Steve Graves

The Outstanding Educator Award, established in 1975, has been given to geography educators throughout California. Many of the past awardees have been from four-year institutions, but several were from community and junior colleges and others from public schools in California. One time, the award went to the two California Geographical Alliances, north and south.

Pictured at left is Dan Walsh, recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Educator Award and Irene Naesse, recipient of the 2010 award, alongside Steve Graves, past president of the CGS.

Past Recipients of the Outstanding Educator Award
Year Name Affilation
 2016Steve Graves
 California State University, Northridge
 2015Joe Leeper        Humboldt State University 
2014 Michael Schmandt   California State University, Sacramento
2013 Dan Walsh Saddleback College
2012 Debbie Elliot-Fisk University of California, Davis
2011 Peggy Hauselt California State University, Stanislaus
2010 Irene Naesse Orange Coast College
2009 Dolly Friedel Sonoma State University
2008 Debra Sharkey Cosumnes River College
2007 Chris Haynes Humboldt State University
2006 Nancy Wilkinson San Francisco State University
2005 Robin Datel California State University, Sacramento
2004 Larry Ford San Diego State University
2003 Gail Hobbs Pierce College
2002 Matt Ebiner El Camino College
2001 Bill Preston Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2000 Stephanie Buttell-Maxin San Diego Unified School District
2000 Stephen Prendergast San Diego Unified School District
1999 Mike Murphy Clovis Unified School District
1999 Jerry Williams California State University, Chico
1998 Barbara Fredrich San Diego State University
1997 Robert Christopherson American River College
1996 Janice Hamner San Bernardino County Schools
1995 Richard Ellefsen San Jose State
1994 Bill Bowen California State University, Northridge
1993 Steve Cunha Cosumnes River College
1992 - California Geographical Alliance North
1992 - California Geographical Alliance South
1991 David Lantis California State University, Chico
1990 Bruce Bechtol California State University, Chico
1989 Don Holtgrieve California State University, Chico
1988 Tom McKnight University of California, Los Angeles
1987 Walter Olson Sonoma State & San Francisco State Univ.
1986 William Thomas California State University, Hayward
1985 Chet Cole California State University, Fresno
1984 [unknown]
1983 Willis Park [unknown]
1982 Robert Kiskadden Los Angeles City Schools
1981 Kit Salter University of California, Los Angeles
1980 [unknown]
1979 Steve Slakey La Puente High School
1978 Howard Nelson [unknown]
1977 [unknown]
1976 Richard Logan University of California, Los Angeles
1975 Bill Wake [unknown]