The Virtual Learning Commons

What is the Virtual Learning Commons?
  • A Virtual Learning Commons is a website replacing the school library website that is informative and one-way... with a giant collaborative among teacher librarians, teacher technologists, classroom teachers, administrators, and students.

The Five Major Portals of the Virtual Learning Commons:

 The Information Center    
 The Literacy Center
 The Knowledge Building Center    
 The Experimental Learning Center
 School Culture

Here are three brief video tours of existing Virtual Learning Commons:


Start your own Virtual Learning Commons by pulling down this template from Google:

Bootcamp Instructions:

  • Watch any of the above videos to get an idea about the VLC in real schools.
  • Download the VLC template:
    • You need a Gmail account to create and own a Virtual Learning Commons site
    • Find the VLC template at:
    • Click on "Use this template"
    • Rename the template for the school you want to create it for
    • Fill in the security picture code
    • Yea! you now own a VLC and can change anything you like. See the pencil picture at the upper right? That is the edit button. Check out the "More" button to manage the site. If you don't know how to do something, google a tutorial.
  • Use the Construction tip sheet to help everyone in the room:

Willing to Share?

Please list below your school name and the url for your Virtual Leaning Commons: