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How To Start Your Career In Consulting

Management Consulting is a lucrative and prestigious career. Often recruited out of Ivy League institutions, candidates must still undergo a rigorous interview process in order to land an offer. There are a myriad of consulting jobs, but those who advance to land strategy roles have analytical horsepower and C-suite level communication skills.

While there are many different careers in the consulting world, the bottom line is that consultants are hired to either help companies cut costs or increase revenues. This may require changing a company’s entire strategic direction, adding IT services, marketing, financial analysis, or cutting excesses that drain the bottom line (i.e. outsourcing). While consultants must be able to see the overall big picture as it pertains to a company, strategy projects are short (3-6 months) and narrowly defined.

Landing a job in this field require

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s more than an esteemed education. Management consulting hopefuls must pass the . It is this stringent set of interview rounds that make or break the individual. The candidate must possess a specific set of skills that will be uncovered during the process.

To prepare for the interview process, many aspirants look for expert guidance to take them through the entire process in order to make the actual task less intimidating. The consulting review process is typically industry standard, and as such there are a great many areas that recruits are able to refine in order to shine in the interview process.

Leaders in the industry recommend that candidates hone their resume and cover letters. Knowing what to include (and what not to include!), as

well as understanding what the firm is really asking for, are imperative to a candidate putting his or her best foot forward. While some firms are moving away from requiring a cover letter, why miss out on an opportunity to impress?

An often overlooked part of the process is the fit interview. This is where the firm assesses if you are a good fit for the culture they’ve built. Don’t go into this part of the process blind

! Be sure to understand what the firm is really looking for when asking its questions, and if you are a good fit for that particular place.

The most daunting part of the interview process is the case interview. This requires quick thinking, excellent communication, and mental math skills that must shine under pressure. Management consultants must be able to analyze a situation and brainstorm potential solutions in a small amount of time. Practicing this skill is imperative to landing the job. There are companies that help hone this skill and enable contenders to put their best self forward.

A management consulting career is highly prized in industry for the analytical skills that are developed. It broadens an individual’s cognitive abilities and trains them to think clearly and work well as part of a team in pursuit of a defined scope. Pursuing this as a career is a recommended move that will not only pay you well now, but have a lasting financial impact.

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5 Tips to Manage an Effective Team for Your Business

Are you planning on hiring remote workers for your business? More and more people are leaning towards home-based businesses -- and it's proving successful. In the 21st century, working from home is considered a normal practice, so it’s natural to want to expand on your ideas.
However, if you are in a position where you need to make your company larger by hiring remote workers, don’t go into it blind. People who succeeded on their own but rushed into the employer bracket too quickly found there’s a lot more to it than barking orders. Here are five great tips you can use to build a great company with great employees. Remember these tips, and you will always find yourself walking in high cotton online.

1. Share your vision.

When you begin onboarding workers, you must share the vision you see for your company. Many employers forget this step, only to find out later that the employee isn’t quite as invested in it as they had hoped.

There are a couple of reasons you want to do this. When you share your vision with someone else, you invite them to take the journey with you. Not only does this make it personal for the employee you just hired, you also offer them a piece of your company because now they are helping you get your business to where you see it in five years. Sharing your vision creates ownership, and ownership creates a great employee work ethic.

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2. Understand employee skills.

In order to allow your business to flow organically and naturally, you need to understand the specific skill of each worker. So many employers simply hire new employees and then don't talk to them for five weeks -- that’s an overstatement but I want you to understand the impact. In order to understand each worker's skillset, you must spend some time with them, learn about their likes and dislikes. They will tell you which areas they need to work on and which areas they excel in.

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For example, you don’t want to assign a content writer to work on the backend of your ecommerce blog writing code. Most employers think when an employee applies for a certain position, that they can only do that specific job. Get to know your employees outside of the interview process. You'll be surprised what you find out.

Once you decide you want to hire a person, and they have exceeded your expectations for a particular position, set up another meeting to get to know them one-on-one for 15 to 30 minutes. You may find your content writer also has a passion for Wordpress coding.
It is beneficial to your business to get to know and understand each employee you place inside of your company. Learn about them and their expertise, and craft jobs specifically around what they’re good at.

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3. Maintain effective communication.

Any successful business person with any amount of employees will tell you communication can make or break your company. When everyone is on the same page, when they understand the job and what is required of them -- this is where true business success lies.
One of the main responsibilities you have as an employer is to make sure the communication train is running smoothly every day. Make sure your command structure is set in place and your supervisors are helping you guide the employers along.

Since it’s up to you to determine how well your employees communicate, you have to make sure the tools and platforms the company uses meets your criteria for communication. Platforms like Intraboom are perfect examples because they create opportunities for communication, tasks, file sharing and important bulletins you need to share with your employees.

Get your employees used to communicating with you and their coworkers on a daily basis. Have your supervisors set up weekly meetings with their teams to be reported back to you for the day-to-day operations and task handouts. Also, keep in mind the bi-weekly meetings you should have with the whole team. Meetings with everyone in attendance will keep communication top of mind within your company.

3 Tips For Making New Managers Successful

Whilst there are many things which can influence the success of your team, a great manager is a key factor when it comes to keeping people motivated and on the road to success. An effective manager can make all the difference between a successful team and one that falls short: management accounts for 70% of the variance in employee engagement, which hugely impacts all aspects of workplace performance.

As such an important influence, it’s key that managers, especially those in their first management role, feel they have all the resources and knowledge available to them to help drive their team to success. New, first-time managers need to go into their role feeling able and equipped to undertake all their duties.

Here are three tips for developing first time managers and making sure the transition from team member to team leader is a smooth one.

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Too often, new managers are just thrown into the deep end and made to go from their previous role to their new one with no transition period. That’s a mistake; the process should be as smooth and practical as possible and one way to do that is to provide a new manager-to-be with a mentor.

Allowing your first-time managers to spend a few days shadowing the person currently in their future role, or in a similar one, and giving them the opportunity to openly share concerns, gaps in their knowledge, or issues they’re having is a great way to ease people in and give them the support they need in the form of a mentor. Having a more experienced manager to guide people through their new role can make the difference between a new manager who struggles to transition and one who comes into the team confident and ready to take the reigns.

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Collaboration is key

Whilst having those with more experience provide support, advice or help building skills can be great, it can also be incredibly useful for new managers to speak with those on the same level. Providing open management sessions on a regular basis can be a hugely helpful way for both first-time and more experienced managers to share knowledge, addressing specific issues the new managers may face.

In larger organizations it’s a great practice to group together newer or first-time managers from various departments for meetings with open discussion. They discover they share many of the same concerns and, in this setting, can get support from the group and measure their own development.

6 Tips HR Managers Need For A Successful Social Media Strategy

While it’s only a few short years since websites were only used by big corporations, and social media was only for college kids, time has changed drastically. These days literally every business has some sort of online presence, and even small independent businesses have social media profiles. In truth, without at least a Facebook page, you could find yourself losing business, as people won’t know your opening times, will lack a quick way to contact you, and won’t see reviews or your location on a map. It is equally important for any business that wants to grow, you could end up missing out on some amazing staff. If you want to recruit the best of the best, then you need to utilize social media to find bright new talent.

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1. Make Yourself An Attractive Place To Work

There are some brands that people clamour to work for. Places like Google have projected themselves as ultra-desirable places to work, and this means they have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting candidates. Showcase your workplace and the benefits you offer to help spread the message that yours is a great company to work for. Posting pictures of your workspace or details about specific employees and their achievements is a great way to make the most of social media.

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2. Utilise Your Current Staff

Your current staff can be your biggest asset when it comes to finding new employees. For one thing, if you have good employees, they may know other people who would also make good employees. Asking current staff to share vacancies across their social media profiles is a great way to find amazing new people. Plus, if your staff are happy to write that they work in a wonderful place and link news about the business to their personal profiles, you’ll automatically be more appealing to prospective applicants. Plus, using surveys to measure employee satisfaction and publishing those surveys can provide proof that you are a great place to work. This will make you most candidates’ first choice as an employer.

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3. Make The Most Of Experts

When you are creating a social media profile, you will likely us blog posts that link to your website, or at least updated articles on your website. Your job descriptions and any posts about the working culture you enjoy need to be written eloquently and professionally. A full-time HR manager doesn’t have time to regularly update social media content, and may not have creative writing in their skillset. For these reasons, employing an external writer can ease the burden and improve the overall impression that your business gives. If the writing on your website is sloppy and low quality, then you will give the impression that your business is low quality too. You can post ads and interview some amazing writers via Upwork or Сontently. There are also some sites that are more automatic, where you can simply select the task you want doing, and it will be assigned to a professional, such as UK Writings or Big Assignments.

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