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Basement Renovations Calgary

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Corefront specializes in high end custom basement renovations. Our team of experts can take your dream and bring it to life starting with design and ending with one of a kind craftsmanship you’ll want to show all your family and friends.

A basement is such an overlooked and valuable part of your home that when developed or properly designed can easily double the total square foot of your home. Here are some important considerations before you decide to start your basement renovation.

1. Walkout basement vs non-walkout:

  • Let’s face it; living in Calgary can be hard with our severe and long winter months. Having an open, livable and bright basement certainly justifies the investment. First thing you’ll want to consider is if your basement isn’t already a walkout, is this something worth considering? This creates larger and more open window for extra light during the bright yet cold winter months.
  • If outdoor pets are a consideration, having a dog run with access into a portion of the basement is also now achievable
  • Children, can enter and exit the back yard and home remaining contained giving you peace of mind.
  • Walkout basement typically give a higher return vs a none walkout basement for reasons listed above
  • There may be budget restraints and or development permit challenges that don’t allow such an option. It is certainly worth researching nonetheless

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2. Existing space usage:

  • Consider what space you’re not using or wish you had more of on your main and upper level. Think about where you and your family and friends gather. Perhaps everything in your home works, however there’s lack of activities and yet no room for a pool table or dartboard on your main or upper. This is a good example of how you can start your wishlist.
  • There’s a good chance your existing basement is being used for storage. You’ll want to take careful inventory of present and future storage needs so we can start to incorporate your needs into our design
3. Sky’s the limit: Here’s your chance to dream. List everything you’d love to see in this space, it’s Corefront job to help you narrow your list based on your budget.

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  • Steam/Saunas: These are becoming more and more popular in basement spaces. Either individually or larger for groups of people to enjoy no differently than an outdoor hot tub.
  • Wet bar: This could be as simple as one counter and a sink with minimalistic cabinets. Or as extravagant as a high end custom kitchen with a full suite of appliances. Water fall features, oversized island, bar fridge or a built in wall wine cellar or display. Installing a multi-beer tap system will certainly give your bar distinction.
  • A home theater system may also be on your list. Achieving such a space as a standalone separate room is very impressive. We can also design and build a theater room as a flex room with motorized screens or specialized build in cabinets to protect and or hide your equipment when not in use. Pending on number of rooms we’d also plan for multiple audio video (AV) zones in your home. Executing a not only a well laid out plan but all the wiring, ventilation, cooling, racking, mounting, and calibration of our home theater is what we balance in building your space. From theater stadium seating to specialized LED lighting to customizing a subwoofer box out of site is where we can help you.
  • Games areas can include pool table, ping pong, shuffleboard, darts, pinboard, indoor skating rink, indoor pool, virtual golf range simulator. Pending on space almost anything can be incorporated into your basement plans.
  • Office space if you work from home or really want a fantastic place for your kids to do homework is also worth planning for in your basement renovation. This could include built in shelving, sound proofing or anything else you require to get work done in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Extra Rooms can consist of extra bedrooms, storage room, laundry room, cold room. Anything you wish to be an extension of what you always wish you had more of to facilitate extra people, stuff or improve overall life’s demands.
  • Play area for young children is a popular use for basement for younger families. This could include a wall covered whiteboard, chalk board, movie/video game station, beanbags etc. We can built it in or out including storage bins, desks, and book cabinets.
  • Fireplace is a must have with Calgary’s climate. Corefront can build stand alone 3-sided unit or built in with well designed custom cabinets or slate or marble surrounds.
  • Wall features in a basement can be something as dramatic as a wall sized waterfall feature or an oversized wall sized aquarium.
This is only scratching the surface of different basement ideas’. We highly recommend you visit for many more ideas. Corefront prides itself to ensure you’re matched with the correct designer of ours based on personality and scope. You’ll receive the very best in design attention, care and quality ensuring your basement is perfect on paper before we move forward into construction. All material selections hand selected by our team with you to ensure all colors and materials flow in the basement and also compliment the rest of your home. Your basement renovation is treated in three phases with Corefront, design, estimating and construction. Estimating takes place at the beginning of design to ensure that your budget is set according to scope and design parameters are set to keep budget under control during the design stage. Before we enter construction all trades provide hard quotes on final drawings and material selections, this way you know exactly where you stand before we enter into the construction phase. Corefront wants to ensure your peace of mind.


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