What is Calgary Cuborama?

Cuborama is a Scouts Canada event for Cub age youth held near Calgary, Alberta Canada. It is a weekend Camping event held around the beginning of June. The event is theme based, with up to 450 youth and adults celebrating a theme for the weekend. This year the theme is Explorers - The Age of Discovery.

Cuborama will be May 31, 2019 to June 2, 2019 at Camp Hope (formerly Camp Gardner)

Come up with an exploration related theme, totally up to you. Your group needs to determine which explorer or group of explorers is going to be the focus of their theme.   Think of the pioneers that settled the Americas, sea or space explorers.  Medical pioneers, fur traders, Romans, Vikings are all equally suited to the theme.  Focus on who they were, what they discovered, what skills they needed to continue their exploration, where they went, how they got there, and why they went or why their discovery was important.

For example: Marco Polo and the Silk Road.   Marco Polo travelled from Venice, through the Middle East all the way to the Far East including Mongolia & China.  He had to learn many languages and learn about different cultures.   His travels influenced the development of European cartography and inspired further explorers to find alternate routes to the Far East, ultimately leading to the rediscovery of the Americas.

Anyone interested in helping to organize Cuborama 2019, the next meeting is March 31, 2019, 2 PM in the Chinook Council Boardroom.

"I've never heard of Cuborama!"

Cuborama was re-started by the program services team for Cubs back in 1996, at Anderson Valley Ranch north west of Calgary. It is now held at Scouts Canada's Camp Gardner just west of Calgary.

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