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Old Time Radio Westerns and Classic TV/Movie Westerns


Image:MonumentValley 640px.jpgThe Golden Age of the Western was an era of the Western movie usually identified as starting in the 1930s through the 1950s, though some date it to the 1970s. The Golden Age of Radio is used to refer to radio programs (audio theater) mainly broadcast, in the USA, during the 1920s through the late 1950s. When the popularity of television exploded in the late 1940s and 1950s, westerns quickly became a staple of small-screen entertainment. The first, on June 24, 1949, was the Hopalong Cassidy show, at first edited from the 66 films made by William Boyd. A great many B-movie Westerns were aired on TV as time fillers, while a number of long-running TV Westerns became classics in their own right. Notable TV Westerns include Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Have Gun, Will Travel, Bonanza, The Big Valley, Maverick, The High Chaparral and many others.



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My Pal Trigger refuses to breed his horse the Golden Sovereign with Roy's. When the Sovereign and Roy's horse escape, Skoville shoots the Sovereign by mistake but Roy is blamed and jailed.


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Maverick is a comedy-western television series created by Roy Huggins that ran from September 22, 1957 to July 8, 1962 on ABC and featured James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, and Robert Colbert as the poker-playing traveling Mavericks (Bret, Bart, Beau, & Brent). Moore and Colbert were later additions, and there were never more than two current Mavericks in the series at any given time, and sometimes only one. Though it began as a traditional western upon its premiere in 1957, Maverick soon developed into something much more than that. Elements of humor and parody were soon added and the show's popularity quickly took off..

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 Louis L'Amour  - Strawhouse Trail

book cover of  Strawhouse Trail  by Louis L'AmourLouis L'Amour brings you the Wild West as you've never heard it before. This classic story, complete with a full cast, stirring music and authentic sound effects, sweeps listeners back to the rough and tumble days of the old West -- when men put their lives on the line for the sake of honor, and truth and justice were fought on the open plain.Texas Ranger Chick Bowdrie hears the shots ring out in the canyon, but he can't get to the man before he dies. On a seldom-used smugglers' trail between Mexico and Austin, a man lies dying. Texas Ranger Chick Bowdrie hears the shots ring out in the canyon, but he can't get to the man before he dies. Bowdrie takes the stranger's body to Valverde, the nearest town. Upon arriving at Valverde, a crowd gathers, watchful and silent as Bowdrie tells his story to the sheriff. Radio Nostalgia Network 

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Image:Mclintock1963.jpgMcLintock! is a 1963 comedy Western starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Cattle baron George Washington McLintock is living the single life on his ranch. He is estranged from his wife Katherine who left him two years before, suspecting him of adultery. McLintock hires beautiful widow Louise Warren as his cook and welcomes both her and her two children into his home. Sparks begin to fly as an unexpected turn of events results in brawls, gunfire, an Indian attack...and the return of Mrs. McLintock, who wants custody over their daughter Becky (who returns from boarding school only a few days after her mother's arrival) and a divorce!


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Image:The Westerner 1940.jpg


The Westerner was a 1940 film directed by William Wyler, and written by Niven Busch, Stuart N. Lake, and Jo Swerling. It stars Gary Cooper as fictional interloper Cole Harden and is often remembered for one of Walter Brennan's best performances, as Judge Roy Bean, which led to him winning his record-setting third Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. This radio version stars Gary Cooper as Cole Harden, Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean. and Doris Davenport as Jane Ellen Mathews.

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James Arness (originally Aurness) (born May 26, 1923 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an actor best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke for 20 years, a record length for a character on a single prime time show. Arness's parents were Rolf Cirkler Aurness and Ruth Duesler, descendants of German and Norwegian immigrants. Arness is the older brother of actor Peter Graves. He was the tallest actor ever to play a lead role, standing 6' 7". 




 Judge Roy Bean

 Judge Roy Bean was a western series set in the town of Langtry, Texas. Roy Bean tries to bring law and order to the town.   Set in the Texas town of Langtry just this side of the Pecos, Roy Bean tries to bring law and order to the town. There was only one law and his name was Judge Roy Bean. This color series held an audience in awe in 1955-56 with Edgar Buchanan as Judge Roy Bean and Jackie Loughery as his niece Letty Bean.


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Image:Shaneposter.pngShane was a 1953 western film made by Paramount Pictures. It was produced and directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by A.B. Guthrie Jr., based on the 1949 novel of the same name by Jack Schaefer. Shane tells the story of a gunfighter who comes to a recently settled farm area near a quiet town and fights for the rights of homesteaders against the long-entrenched hard-bitten open-range cattlemen who control the majority of the land. The film received six Academy Awards nominations. This radio version from Hollywood Radio Theater stars Alan Ladd and Van Heflin in their film roles. Trivia: Clint Eastwood directed a semi-remake of Shane, called Pale Rider starring himself and Chris Penn.

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Image:The Gunfighter VHS cover.jpgThe Gunfighter was a 1950 film starring Gregory Peck. Notorious gunfighter Jimmy Ringo rides into town to find his true love, who doesn't want to see him. He hasn't come looking for trouble, but trouble finds him around every corner. Gregory Peck, with his natural, spare acting style, was a natural for Westerns, and his greatness in The Gunfighter was never more evident. This radio version is from Screen Directors Playhouse on June 07, 1951.

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The Big Trees is a 1952 film starring Kirk Douglas and directed by Felix E. Feist. This was Kirk Douglas's final contracted film with Warner Brothers after a long period of rough relationships between him and the company.Tough lumber baron Jim Fallon wants to take control of a verdant forest valley, where a colony of Quakers have taken up residence. A battle ensues for control of the towering forest. Spectacular scenery and fierce dramatic action typify this big screen production with staunch Kirk Douglas in the starring role. 


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 Boone, frontier hero, conducts surveys and expeditions around Boonesborough, running into both friendly and hostile Indians, just before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Aiding him during the run of the series are his lovely wife, Rebecca, precocious son, Israel, Oxford educated half-breed Mingo, former slave Gabe Cooper, easy going oafs Yadkin and Josh Clements, and tavern owner. 

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 Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy is a fictional cowboy-hero, created in 1904 by Clarence E. Mulford and appearing in a series of popular stories and later novels.Here in Border Patrol (1943)California and Johnny are Texas Rangers trying to end a scheme which smuggles Mexicans into the United States to become essentially slaves in a silver mine owned by Orestes Krebs. The three are captured, sentenced to hang, and then escape. They free the slaves and capture the badguys.



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