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 - added May 2010 -


May 2, 2010
This last weekend was the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis. A fantastic outdoor 3 day music event with all sorts of blues, rock, r&b, rap and country music. It is always held in the first weened in May. Here's the problem - in the past 5 years that I have been there it has been virtually rained out 4 of the 5 years. It is part of a month-long set of activities called Memphis in May. We have lately taken to calling it Memphis in Mud. I would really like to attend more of it, but it is just such a mess! I mean - it's like having a Woodstock every year, without the fun parts... At any rate, I am still a big live music supporter, and I am gonna try again next year...

Feb 20, 2010
The International Folk Alliance Convention was in Memphis this last week. Tonight I went to see Chuck Mead (from BR5-49 and solo artist) play in a songwriters circle at the Center for Southern Folklore. It's a small storefront shop in downtown Memphis with a small stage and seating for about 50 people. It was great seeing Chuck and the others play some of their songs accompanied by only acoustic guitars. I really enjoy seeing great musicians giving skillful and entertaining performances. What a great night!

Feb 12, 2010
Went to see Flogging Molly last night at Minglewood Hall in Memphis. They were great, as usual. Sometime during the set I thought about how amazing live music can be. With a group of instruments and voices people create a magical thing that didn't exist in that place just moments before. Amazing.

An0ther thing I noticed is that all great concerts seem to become a celebration. An outburst of joy, fostered and led by the band up front. The source of the joy? I personally believe the joy comes from a gratefulness for one of God's greatest gifts to mankind - music. - Calfee

Jan 17 2010
I moved the videos to another page. The ones with something other than the CD cover and a title are fun to watch at least once - although they are sometimes cheesy (..cheesy.. duh!). The others are just excuses to listen to a song. Some are rocking, some are swing, some are ballads, a couple are covers. Let me know what you think! - CJ
I have a few test videos up on YouTube. Just a couple of songs from the Over U release. I will also be putting up a new production of the song "Proud Men". I'll let you know when it gets up.
Ok - So we're STILL under construction. Things are getting done and are moving, but slowly - much like global warming ;)
Here's my plan - to put a bunch of the Calfee Jones stuff up on YouTube. Then folks can listen when they want. Some great plan huh... only about 5 years too late...
I've also got to figure out how to use this new homepage. Good Luck to Me!

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