Calessino Parade - the world's first and only online register of limited edition Piaggio Ape Calessinos

A fun attempt to locate all 1,699 *** beautiful Piaggio Ape Calessinos - the quirky limited edition, modern version of the 'little cart' that was so popular with the 1950s Italian 'Dolce Vita' lifestyle … ...

Contact us via our TarifaStudios Facebook page and we will happily post whatever information you can provide onto our Spotters Register below.  If you are interested, you can find more about the origins of the register on our original blog: and track Calessino related news on our Calessino ScoopIt site

If you have seen a modern Piaggio Ape Calessino (motocarro, triciclo, triporteur, triobalade, cabriolet, auto rickshaw), know more about one of those listed or maybe you even own one - then please help complete the search.   

Piaggio made them from 2007 - 2009 in Blue with White canvass top (Edition A of 999) powered by a 422cc diesel engine from Lombardini, India then from 2009 onwards in White with Bordeaux top (Edition B of 600) with the same diesel engine.  In 2009, they also launched their White with Blue top Electric Lithium version (Edition C of 100). The register below traces all the crazy three wheelers spotted so far.  

 Piaggio launched their new style Calessino 200 in July 2013 - the 200 model is not included in our register.  It has smaller wheels, seats two passengers (rather than three) and has a new four stroke 200cc engine.  It is available in Red, White or Blue body via in the UK.  Piaggio also released a limited edition 70th anniversary Calessino 200 in 2018.

It is great to see how far this mighty little three wheel Calessino tuk tuk, with its instantly recognisable Italian elegance, has spread across Europe and the world.  They are used for an amazing variety of purposes, such as, cherished family run-around, hard working taxi, wedding limousine, surf wagon, expedition bus and business icon. 

*** The modern Ape Calessino was released by Piaggio in three limited edition production runs of 999, 600 and 100 plus a few specials for the Pope and the President of Italy plus custom formats for company promotions.  

We have named these Edition A, B, C and X.

Piaggio produced their new look, 200cc petrol Calessino 200 in 2013.


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