Updated!! Jan 31, 2012 
My name is Kat and i've been showing for my second year now moving onto open! Wish me luck!
Specailizing in quality blues with great lines!

(408) 440-4749 please leave a message if theres no answer


What's up with the name??? Well, there is a creek that passes directly in the center of my 3 acre property, straight down the middle, the creek runs from Calero lake. To make a long story short, The creek is called Calero Creek, came the name Calero Creek Rabbitry. :D
I try and update this website with cool and new updates on our animals but if you have any questions or are interested in providing a good home for one of our bunnies please feel free to shoot me an email!

Our animals are all healthy and will not leave my home without being in good health. If at any time you feel you can no longer provide a good home for an animal you bought from me please contact me via email or phone.

I always try my best to take out the kits and handle them so they are not skittish but there will always be the bad boy in the family and there will always be the perfect little angel. I strive from better temperaments in my pets as well as my show stock. So it all varies on what you are looking for...for example, Are you looking to breed your rabbit? pet? backyard bunny? show? Meat? 

At this time I do not ship any of my animals but you are more than welcome to come to my home. Let me know where you are and i'll let you know when I might be around, possibly at a show or visiting a friend, and your littler bugger can be picked up then.