Felin ve -luhta-?
I Fëahína mí órëmóna;
?... Harya-? ?... Endacalimessë
Onta-? i airë Ambarquetta
I estel menelyávë,
I alassë- tiuya- ... Ambarpalan-?
Et ëalanya Erutalma-?.

Verse 38, in the original:
Ich fühle wie entzaubert
Das Geisteskind im Seelenschoss;
Es hat in Herzenshelligkeit
Gezeugt das heil'ge Weltenwort
Der Hoffnung Himmelsfrucht,
Die jubelnd wächst in Weltenfernen
Aus meines Wesens Gottesgrund.
Various English translations here.
Owen Barfield's free rendering:

I seem, from trance now free,
nursed by a soul the Spirit-Child to see,
the fruit of heaven-ward hope
in cloudless heart by holy Word begot,
waxing, triumphing, world-filling,
my Essence and my God's from whence I spring.

Vocabulary and notes toward completion:
felin "I feel"
ve "like" (similar to German <wie>)
luhta-“enchant” (what is prefix for "dis-", is it <uu->?)
i "the"
Fëahína "Spirit-child"
mi "in the" 
órëmóna "soul-womb" [or bosom/surface = súma?]
harya- "have"
Endacalimessë = Herzenshelligkeit "heart-brightness"
onta- "beget"
i airë "the holy"
Ambarquetta = Weltenwort "world-word"
i estel "the hope"
Menelyávë = Himmelsfrucht "heaven-fruit"
alassë "joy, merriment"
tiuya-“swell, grow fat” = wax
Ambar+ palan- (how to turn adjective <palan> "far, distant" into a plural noun "distances"?)
Et ëalanya "out (of) being-my"
Erutalma = Gottesgrund "godly ground"