St. Patrick's Roman Catholic

The history of the Church goes back more than a century to when Catholic families began to gather in the Caledonia district and consequently began to plan for the erection of a church. The site was secured in August, 1849, it being the southeast corner of Orkney and Nairn Streets, at the top of what has been known ever since as the “Catholic Hill”, leading down to the Town Square. It was ten years before construction of the Church was begun, and in the interval Holy Mass was said by various Priests from the surrounding districts, in the Village Theatre and in a warehouse on the south side of the river. 

In 1855 Reverend Father William Fitzgerald was made first Pastor of St. Patrick’s. In 1856 Bishop John Farrell was named first Bishop of the newly-formed Diocese of Hamilton, which included, among other areas, Caledonia and Indiana. The cemetery property was deeded by the Crown to James Nicholas, on March 4th, 1857; deeded next to Patrick Murray, November 1857; to Rt. Rev. John Farrell in July of 1860; and from May 15th, 1874, this property was deeded to the Very Rev. Ignatius Heenan, next to Rev. John O’Reilly, then to the Rt. Rev. Peter Francis Crinan. The title of Lot Number three on the east side of Berwick Street, Village of Caledonia, dated May 15th, 1874 and registered the 20th of December 1874 from the Estate of Rt. Rev. John Farrell, was recorded in 1874. On November 9, 1958, the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Hamilton in Canada deeded St. Patrick’s Cemetery to the newly created Diocese of St. Catharines. 

On October 27th, 1982, Most Rev. Thomas Fulton appointed members to the St. Patrick’s Cemetery Board. The Board members consisted of Ex-Officio members: Most Rev. Thomas B. Fulton and Rev. Wayne Jenkins, SCJ; Local Members: Robert Aitchison, Heather Gyokery, Gerry Legere, Peter Stoneman, Kenneth Timson; Honorary Member: Ed Gabourie. On June 14, 1983, the rules and regulations of St. Patrick’s Cemetery, which conform to the requirements of the Cemeteries Branch of the Provincial Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, were approved by the Most Rev. Thomas Fulton, Bishop of St. Catharines. On June 26th, 1983, the official sod-turning ceremony was conducted for the new section and for the dedication of the cross in memory of Joey Perry.

The history would not be complete without mention of some of the first parishioners, descendants some of whom are still within the Parish. As far back as 1843, there were Doyles, Higgins, Breens, McGarrys and Fagans. Also there were Keatings, Maddigans, Daltons, O;Rourkes, Brittains, Herods and Kellys here.
-From A Short History of Caledonia

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(Berwick Street, Caledonia)

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery