PhotoShop Versus the GIMP

    OK, people using Lynx, beware! This page may not be for you! I cannot put these digital pictures in ASCII art! I would, but these pictures are so fancy that you cannot convert it to ASCII! Sorry... :D This is a page documenting the PG War... Shield your eyes, for some pictures may be to graphic for you to see again! Not for the overly-sensitive...

                                                              Budweiser rocks! Go Budweiser!

This is a picture I made of myself. (freaky, isn't it?)


Well, I said I've been doing things with Linux. You can now take it literally! :)











    Well, this is the first picture declaring the war, it is supposed to have a cartoon-like look to it. Yes, the war has now begun!  (created using the GIMP)



This is the same picture with grey added to it to look a little bit more serious. I'm not sure I like how grey it is though... (created with the GIMP)