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    Hello! My name is Caleb! This is my very first blog, and if you do wish so, you may give me feedback by the email of! Thank you! Yes, I /do/ have a G Mail account, but I use my G Mail for personal scenarios, but I have no use for AOL mail (except IM with certain people whom use AOL). So I thought hey, I could use it for feedback and spam security! OK, so now I will give you a nano-biography of myself. Thank you.

     OK, where to start. I AM A 'COMPUTER GEEK'. I have a curiosity of Open Source software technology, and am wanting to try and start programming (in Python)! If anyone can help me, please use the feedback email I gave you earlier. I also like to do the Korean variant of karate called TANG SOO DO, It's really fun! By the way, my favourite word for a certain karate move is Soo Do Chagi; it sounds like sudo! Get it? 'The almighty KARATE chop... --Sudo chagi!'. Another thing I guess would be my zodiac signs (Chinese and Western). I actually find that my Chinese zodiac (the Rat) predicts my personality pretty well, isn't that funny? Well, I don't think the Western zodiac has predicted anything true about me, but it is the sign Aquarius.  

    TO BE COURTEOUS to people whom use a text-only browser, I will make everything as friendly as possible. The only exception is the YouTube videos I embed into my blog. Other than that, I will actually use ASCII art so that you can see it too! Don't worry, I use a text-only browser sometimes, and every time i make an update to my site, I will make sure it is easy to navigate through my pages. I want you to not get a headache looking at my page, either. So I'll try to keep it pretty simple! OK,  


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